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Other names of Chandan Sen: Chandra Sen
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Chandan Sen is a Bengali actor, director, and playwright, who has worked in theatre, television, and film. He is regarded as one of the best stage actors in Bengali theatre. He began appearing in Bengali theatre, in 1997, by joining as creative director and actor for the Natya Anan theatrical group. He has, since then, appeared in a handful of Bengali films. Chandan began his performing career with Gana Natya Sanghya as a kid performer. He attended Ramkrishna Mission & Mitra Institution for his education and holds an Arts degree from the University of Kolkata. Chandan was a pupil of Utpal Dutta and Ramaprosad Banik and has appeared in a number of plays, receiving widespread acclaim.

In 1983, he joined Chenamukh under the mentorship of Ramaprosad Banik and stayed for six years. He appeared in the dramas Rani kahini, Agunshuddhi, Pakhi, and Icchegari during this time. He has also appeared in two plays directed by Sohag Sen Sohag Sen is a director and a theatre artist by pr >> Read More... and Tamal Raycahudhry respectively. Over the years, he has appeared in over 40 Bengali feature films and a handful of Bengali mini serials. With Satre's Dirty Hands in 1982, Chandan made his independent directorial debut, followed by Tagore's Bisharjan in 1984. His major films include Bow Barracks Forever(2004), Refugee(2006), Phera(2008), Taan(2014), The Royal Bengal Tiger (2014), and Byomkesh Phire Elo (2014), and Syndicate, in 2021.

His portrayal of street goon Babu Ram in Anjan Dutta's Madly Bangalee has also received a lot of appreciation. In 1998-99, he made his international debut in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... , assisting Director Dr Sudipto Chatterjee in the production of Nuruldiner Sarajibon in New York Off-Broadway. Chandan has directed approximately 40 plays, including full-length and one-act productions, as well as ten telefilms and two daily soaps, including a few episodes of the popular television series Ek Akasher Nichey. He was also a regular face in Star Jalsha's daily soap Ichchenodi. Chandan’s portrayal of Manikbabu in the Bengali film Manikbabbur Megh received widespread acclaim.

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Chandan Sen is a well-known Bengali actor who works in theatre, television, and movies. He was born on February 26, 1963. Sen, a Ramprasad Banik and Utpal Dutt Utpal Dutt is a Veteran in Indian cinema who was a >> Read More... pupil, started his acting career in Bengali theatre. He joined the Natya Anan theatre company in 1997 as a performer and creative director. Sen gained fame for his appearances on the television programs Ichchenodi and Satyakam Ishti Kutum. He has won prizes for Outstanding Talent of the Year (1998) and Best Villain Role of the Year (1999). Mahanayika (2016), Conditions Apply (2016), and Kidnap are Sen's most recent motion pictures (2019). In 2020 his movie Samapti was released.


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