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Bengali Child Artist Hiya Dey
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Hiya Dey is a child actress from Bengal, India. She is one of the most loved and well- known child actresses in the industry. She replaced Meghana Chakraborty in Raj Chakraborty   Raj Chakroborty is an Indian film director who >> Read More... produced “ Falna Falna is a Bengali TV serial directed by Arijit Ch >> Read More... ” after a significant leap in the show. The cast includes renowned actors like Laboni Sarkar Laboni Sarkar is a very popular and talented Benga >> Read More... , Pushpita Mukherjee Pushpita Mukherjee is an Indian tv and film actres >> Read More... , Asmita Chakraborty, Debojyoti Roy Chowdhary, and Reshmi Sen Reshmi Sen is a Bengali dancer and actress in the >> Read More... . Hiya played the leading role of “Magician Falna." She received praises for her astonishing performance.

She also portrayed the character of Alo in the show “Alo Chaya” after a leap. Hiya came to the limelight after appearing on the famous Bengali television sitcom “ Potol Kumar Gaanwala Potol Kumar Gaanwala is a Bengali serial telecast >> Read More... (2015)” starring Tramila Bhattacharya Tramila is an actress who works in the entertainme >> Read More... , Sinchana (Child artist), and Saheb Chatterjee Saheb Chatterjee is a famous Bengali actor cum sin >> Read More... . Mahendra Soni Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Shrikant Mohta Shrikant Mohta is a well-known Indian producer and >> Read More... produced the show under “Shree Venkatesh Films,” featuring Hiya and Saheb in lead roles. The official Hindi remake of the serial is “Kulfi Kumar Bajewala,” produced by Gul Khan Gul Khan is one of the leading Indian Television p >> Read More... , Herumb Khot Herumb Khot is an Indian film director, producer, >> Read More... , and Nilanjana Purkayassta. “Potol Kumar Gaanwala” is based on “Poteshwari Malik,” a young singing prodigy.

She proceeds on a journey to find her long-lost father, Sujon. She tried to fulfill her mother's last wish of becoming a great singer. Sujon, her father, married another woman and had a daughter, Tuli. Both Potol's stepmother and step-sister dislike her and treat her harshly. Hiya, as Potol, won the hearts of the audience with her fantastic acting skills and expressions. She understood the character and portrayed the emotions perfectly. Indeed, she is a born actress. The viewers adored this young talent throughout the series and wished her success in the upcoming future.


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