Pushpita Mukherjee Bengali Actress

Pushpita Mukherjee is an Indian tv and film actress. She works in the Bengali film industry. She was born and brought up in West Bengal, Kolkata, India. She also served as a director for a film. She worked in the movie called Curzoner Kalom. Souvik Mitra Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Souvik Mitra directed the film. She worked in Iskabon, released in 2021, Jodi Kagoje Lekho Naam, released in 2020, and Ke Tumi Nandini Story soon >> Read More... Ke Tumi Nandini , released in 2019. She is a popular face in the Bengali industry and is known by all. She is super talented. Not only is she an amazing actress but a powerful director too.