Herumb Khot Hindi Actor

Herumb Khot is an Indian film director, producer, and former photographer. He contributed to several web series, giving them his unique touch. Serious topics of the day are brought up in his shows. In his films, he reveals the real face of India. He is best known for his work in series like "History Trippin" and "Kulfi Kumar Bajewala." These dramas target only the younger generation.

Herumb loves motorbikes. He traveled to several places with the vehicle to discover new aspects of Indian History. His primary motive is to make the past more visible in the present. "History Trippin" is a solo accomplishment. Herumb shot all the scenes alone on his bike with a camera. He also edited and presented the series. The sitcom focuses on an ordinary man who attempts to discover the hidden truth of the past.

Nilanjana Purkayasstha Nilanjana Purkayasstha is one of the most prominen >> Read More... Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb are partners under “Invictus T. Media works.” They produced several shows together, including "Peshwa Bajirao." They collaborated for the television serial "Kulfi Kumar Bajewala" with "4 Lions Films." This serial was aired on Star Plus with Aakriti Sharma Aakriti Sharma is a name that is very familiar amo >> Read More... Aakriti Sharma , Myra Singh Myra Singh is a child artist appeared in her debut >> Read More... Myra Singh , Mohit Malik Another silver screen heartthrob, bad boy Mohit Ma >> Read More... Mohit Malik , and Anjali Dinesh Anand Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anjali Dinesh Anand in the lead roles. This drama focuses on Kulfi, played by Aakriti Sharma, a child actress. Suhana and Faizal Akhtar Faizal is the screenwriter, who is working in this >> Read More... Faizal Akhtar are the writers of the series, while the director is . The sitcom is an official remake of " Potol Kumar Gaanwala Potol Kumar Gaanwala is a Bengali serial telecast >> Read More... Potol Kumar Gaanwala ." Other than Herumb, the entire "Kulfi Kumar" crew received praises from the audience.

Herumb's primary focus is the lost Marathi legacy, filled with stories of bravery and heroism. While working on "Bajirao Mastani," he discovered the facts, distorted to match the image of King Bajirao as a mere lover, ignoring his vast achievements. Herumb seeks to investigate and bring to light hidden and neglected parts of Maratha's history.