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Bengali Child Artist Krittika Chakraborty
  • Gender : Female
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Krittika Chakraborty is a Bengali child actress. She came to the limelight after featuring in the television sitcom “ Rakhi Click to look into! >> Read More... Bandhan.” She featured in several series like “ Ebar Jombe Moja Story Soon >> Read More... ,” a non-fiction comedy, and “ Guriya Jekhane Guddu Sekhane Guriya Jekhane Guddu Sekhane is Bengali television >> Read More... .” The audience praised her excellent acting skills in both shows. She could express various emotions on-screen with perfection. She is also known for her performance in the comedy series “Ebar Jombe Moja.” The judges of the show include Silajit, Biswanath Basu Biswanath Basu is mainly known as a Bengali actor >> Read More... , and Subhashree Ganguly.

Krittika, a young and talented actress, featured in the Bengali serial “Rakhi Bandhan,” produced by “Blues Production.” The daily soap aired on 28th November 2016 on “Star Jalsha.” The unique bond shared between the young actors Soham and Krittika is the central theme of the show. “ Minmini Pookal Minmini Pookal is a Tamil language TV serial that >> Read More... ” is the Tamil dubbed version of the sitcom. The lead stars of the serial were Subhrojit Saha Subhrojit Saha is an actor who predominantly works >> Read More... , Shrabani Bhunia Shrabani Bhunia is a famous actress cum model, wor >> Read More... , and Sayanta Modak.

In the film "Rakhi," Krittika portrayed the lead. She was a later addition to the show. Throughout the series, the audience praised her perfect timing, delivery of dialogue, and expressions. Even though she joined late; the fans welcomed her wholeheartedly. She enchanted the audience with her innocent and sweet smile.

Actress Pratyusha Paul shared a special bond with Krittika during the shoots of “Guriya Jekhane Guddu Sekhane.” Pratyusha played the lead role in the serial besides Jeetu Kamal Jeetu Kamal is an Indian actor and producer. He wa >> Read More... . Krittika portrayed the character of “Phuljhuri,” Jeetu's daughter. She won the hearts of the viewers with her innocent grin and fantastic expressions. She was the center of attention at the filming locations. The atmosphere on set was pleasant and vibrant because of her presence. She shared a sweet bond with crew members. Everyone adored this tiny, soft girl.

She challenged the renowned performers and actresses from the Bengali entertainment industry from an early age. Her talkative and cute personality made her the audience's favorite. She has a promising future ahead of her.


Born: 16 April 1990

Age Now 34

Priya Banerjee - (Movie Actress)