Find Out Which Celebrities Like To Gamble?

Friday, July 8th, 2022

There have been many movies with scenes from casinos showing the lead actors gamble for fun or pulling off a heist like in Ocean’s 11. Did you know that many Hollywood celebrities love to gamble in real life too? It wasn’t just in the Ocean’s movies that Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt gambled in the top casinos. They’re high-rollers in the real world casinos too.

Most of us would struggle to find a seat on the table with George Clooney. Nevertheless, we can enjoy gambling with the best online casino in India that offers all the popular games that your favorite celebs play whether in reel or real life.

Is it just the Ocean’s men who like to gamble? No. That was a sneak peek. Let’s find out which celebrities like to gamble.

Ben Affleck

The talented actor, director, and screenwriter is also a gambling man. The Oscar winning celeb is known for his generous tips at the casinos. What does he play? Poker and Blackjack. And he’s good at it. Ben Affleck has played Poker at professional level winning over a million dollars in prestigious tournaments. If you’ve seen Argo, it wouldn’t be a surprise that Ben Affleck is a champion Poker player.

Matt Damon

Talk of Ben Affleck and not mention his best bud, Matt Damon? It seems their bond goes well beyond writing award winning movies. Just like Ben, Matt Damon also is a great Poker and Blackjack player. Not to mention he has trained under legendary poker player Johnny Chan while preparing for his role in Rounders.

George Clooney

Ever since the fans were treated with the Ocean’s movies, Clooney has become a symbol for casinos. You can’t talk of gambling without George Clooney crossing your mind. Clooney’s love for gambling and casinos is so much that in 2005, he tried to buy a casino in Las Vegas. While the plan never succeeded, the Ocean’s 11 actor had already invested millions in the project.

Brad Pitt

At this point, you must be thinking, is this a list of celebs who love to gamble or the cast of Ocean’s 11? We get it. But that’s the sort of impact the movie had on many celebrities. Brad Pitt, for one, wasn’t into gambling before he played the role of Rusty in the Ocean’s series. It was during the preparation for this role when Brad Pitt developed an interest in Blackjack, Poker, and Slot machines and continues to gamble till this day.

Toby Maguire

We all wondered where Toby went after his stint in the early Spiderman movies. Well folks, we have a winner! He may not have hit the home run in Hollywood, but he won many Texas Hold’em games. He got into Poker at an early age and has been playing for decades now. Toby Maguire along with George Clooney contributed to the private Hollywood games where the idea for the book and movie Molly’s Game was born. Guess which other celebrity on our list defeated Maguire in poker? Ben Affleck.

Ray Romano

Fans of “Everybody Loves Raymond” are well aware of the many talents of Ray Romano. A stand up comic and screenwriter Ray was also the voice of Manny in the Ice Age films. The star performer is well known for his Poker skills in Hollywood circles. Not just casinos and private games in Hollywood, but Ray Romano has also played at the World Series of Poker.

Shannon Elizabeth

The beautiful actress of the American Pie fame is a lot more than just looks. Shannon Elizabeth is a tough competitor on any Poker table in the world even if it has Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. She has made it to the finals of many top poker tournaments that were televised. Amassing over $325k in her poker career, Elizabeth has certainly carved a name for herself in poker.

In addition to these, there are other Hollywood celebs who often sit on online poker tables. You could be sitting next to Toby Maguire or Paris Hilton while playing Poker at an online casino and not even know it. Stay sharp.