Friday, February 17th, 2017

1. Aju Varghese

Aju Varghese is a real sensation among youth nowadays with his wit and great artistic performance. And for the same reason, he is the main star in many short films as well. His most famous being ‘Halwa’. Released back in 2016, this short film is a comedy based one and includes many other familiar faces on the big screen.

2. Sunil Sukhada

Kerala State Award winning short film ‘Balance’ was a real nice watch. It is based on a middle-class man and his worries about future. Film actor Sunil Sugadha played the character role in this short film. His master class performance was the main highlight in this simple, yet valuable short film.

3. Bhavana Menon

“Open Your Mind” was a big budget short film released back in 2015. Malayalam film actress Bhavana played the title role in this wonderful hit short film. It also includes talented film artists such as Saikumar, Bindu Panicker, etc. It has more than one million views on YouTube.

4. ‘Saikumar’

Saikumar, as we all know, is a talented actor in Malayalam film industry. He played in one short film so far, and it is alongside Bhavana in the short film "Open Your Mind." It is a satirical film directed by Vishnu.

5. Vinod Kovoor

Vinod Kovoor is a multi-talented comedian who mainly performs in mini screen and live stage shows. He acted in many films during his career. He is a familiar face in many short films as well. His best performance came in the hit short movie "Athe Karanathal”.

6. Miya George

Miya is a number one followed youth actress on Facebook. Her constant success on the big screen is making her a valuable member of any crew. But before her big entry into the big screen, she acted in a few short films and short video songs, making her a familiar face among short film fans.

7. Shabareesh Varma

Premam’ fame Shabareesh Varma is a real hit among youngsters nowadays. With his unique talent to create songs as well, he is a real performer in many short films. He acted in many short films before his big introduction into the big screen.

8. Wilson Joseph

Wilson Joseph is a talented actor in Malayalam film industry. With his movies ‘Premam’, “Kattapanayile Rithwik Roshan”, and “Happy Wedding” being super hits, Wilson is a real star in the short film industry. His most famous one being “Kattan Kappi”.

9. Abi

Abi is a Malayalam film actor who plays small character roles right now. But he is still a valuable part of many live stage shows and mini screen. His best performance in the short film industry came in the movie named Halwa.

10. Balu Varghese

King Liar” is the film that changed Balu’s career. But before that, he was a familiar figure in YouTube through his large amount of short film appearances. He mainly played youth roles in these films, but his different and hit performance came in the short film “12 out of 15”.