Sunday, February 26th, 2023

Indian cinema sees loads of movie releases each year. But do they all make it to the high ratings and best awards? Not that we know. There are movies in each region of the country that do not even make it to the audience, whatever the reason may be. So, to celebrate these underrated movies, we are here to see some of the best south Indian movies that could not gather as much recognition as they deserve.

1. Trance

Released in the year 2020, Trance is a psychological thriller. The story plot consists of a motivational speaker who is hired for a job by a company. He transforms into the character or, rather, a pseudo-character, Joshua. Going through fame and everything beautiful, he finds himself in a trance. This story deserves a lot more than what it got. Do give this one a chance, and you will love it.

2. Poomaram

A Malayalam musical drama that got released in 2018. The story’s plot is about a youth festival that takes place annually at Mahatma Gandhi University. This one is a musical masterpiece with a feel-good plot. A tribute to art and music for all our musically driven people.

3. Dia

It was such a shock that this movie could not make it to the top list of the best-grossing films. The story revolves around an introverted girl who falls in love with her senior but does not confess it. Fate takes a turn, and soon her life turns for the better. But her happiness is short-lived, and to know further what happens in this sweet yet tear-jerking plot, watch this one. Rest assured that it won’t be disappointing.

4. Ulidavaru Kandanthe

Ulidavaru Kandanthe, despite getting a chance to screen on the world’s biggest film festivals, is not known to many of the audience. It is an action-thriller with a background story of a cop that will be all you want on a Sunday afternoon.

5. Lucia

A crowd-funded movie in the Kannada language, released on a relatively small scale. Lucia is a story of a person who has insomnia. He gets lost in the world of dreams because of a specific type of drug. Will he be able to be cured? Or does fate have some other plans for him? The answer lies here.

6. Aruvi

If you have not watched Aruvi yet, watch it right now. This is an absolute winner. The story revolves around a girl, a show, and some happenings around them. This film will make you cry and shed some happy tears on the way to the end. Aruvi is an emotional ride till the end with a very different and unique plot.

7. 3

A thriller disguised as a romantic drama is all that you have to know. One of the most famous songs was taken from this masterpiece starring Dhanush and Shruti Hassan. If you can recall, fine, and if not, why not watch this movie and find out?

8. Magadheera

Is this an underrated movie? Many of you might be questioning this, but yeah, this one is. The audience is still unaware that before the famous worldwide Baahubali, we got this warrior-based movie. A 2009 film that still feels like it was released just last year. A storyline based on the life of an ever-so-true warrior and his past life.

9. U-Turn

No, we are not on the roads, and the name is not a road sign. U-turn is a simple story of a young reporter who takes matters into her hands. The reason for doing so,  is the accidents occurring in the city. Watch the truth unfold, and the protagonist looks at the complex world around her.

10. Jersey

Before having a Bollywood remake of the same name, ‘Jersey’ had been a hidden gem among the audience. We have forgotten that South India has always prospered in making some of the best movies, and this one will always stay among them. A little story of a Father-son relationship and an aim to fulfill some wishes.

Watch these, and do look at our other lists as well. We are here to hand you the best movies, shows, and series. Comment down your favorites, and do write any other suggestions or feedback that you would like us to read.