Elango Kumaravel is an Indian artist and script representative. He is also a co-founder of the Chennai-based theatre organization Magic Lantern. He is a graduate of Sankaradas Swamigal School of Performing Arts from the Pondicherry University He also runs the Chennai-based theatre seminar Koothupattarai. He has also served as a casting associate for the 2007 movie Loins of Punjab Presents and penned the script for the 2008 movie Kattradhu Kalavu. He was  included in the product of Ey Aa O! a musical union work of collaboration among Indian folk and traditional musicians.

 He has a great passion towards theatre and had the capacity to direct everyday affairs efficiently, according to director K.P. Pravin.

The director considers in taking the theatre to the public. Whether it is traveling to the villages of Tamil Nadu with the Magic Light group, supporting them to develop the infrastructure, to support local theatre groups or making stage plays in Tamil. Elango’s dedication to the medium has been clear these past 20 years. He always said that the theatre is an obvious and attractive medium. It has the ability to direct a lot of attention of daily living.

He always felt that Over the times, there seems to be some doubt among the average class that it is infra dig to do Tamil theatre. Though he was not involved in everyday practice or performance anymore, he is part of the main group of the Indian Theatre Forum organized by Sanjana Kapoor, of the Prithvi Theatre and among others, to build a chain for those operating in theatre in various parts of the nation.

One of Elango’s significant participation in the theatre exhibition in the city is the starting of Magic Lantern in 1993 along with partners Hans Kaushik, J. Jayakumar M. Pasupathy, and Krishna Devanandan. The foundation made possible at the Alliance Francaise (AF) was helpful as it afforded space for practices and also a stage for putting up shows. Top Storey turned up two years ago after Jean Pascal Elbaz, the former Director of the Alliance Francaise, left Chennai.

In the past two decades, Elango has produced, directed, and acted in a plenty of plays including those of Moliere, Indira Parthasarathy, Brecht, Camus and an evolution of Kalki Krishnamurthy’s job. He has instructed in various phases of the theatre - mask-making, mime, martial arts puppet making, as well as in sound, set design lights and videography. He has also acted in films, parodies, and television serials.