Mafia Sasi was born in 1981. He was born in Kannur, which is in Kerala. He is an Indian. His mother name is Saraswathi, and his father name is Balan. His birth name was Sasidharan Puthiyaveettil. He had completed his study from Chirakkal Raja’s School in Kannur. He had done his graduation in Madras Christian College. Sreedevi is his wife. He has two children named Sandeep and Sandhya. He is a film actor and stunt master. He is also an athlete in India. He played like a stunt man in more than 1000 movies. He also performed in all South Indian films as a stunt master. In Mafia, he performed stunts. Mafia was the super hit film. After that, he adopted the name as Mafia Sasi. He also worked in few movies. Sandeep Sasi had done his debut film Gunda. Gunda is the Malayalam movie. He performed as a stunt master in many pictures named Gunda in 2014, Pattam Polein, Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus in 2013. He was the stunt director in Gunda and as a stunt coordinator; he worked in Pattam Polein and Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus. He performed stunts in Jawan of Vellimala in 2012.

In 2011, he did Three Kings and Doubles as a stunt man. He did a stunt man in movies such as Pokkiri Raja, Pramani, Dhrona, EePattanathil Bhootham, Aayirathil Oruvan, Vellathooval, Thalappavu, Ayudham. He played a role as a fighter in Sound of Boot. He did Tanthra in 2006 as a stunt coordinator. In 1999, he was the stunt director in Panchapandavar. In 1993, he performed stunts as Sasi in Aayirappara. He also did some movies as an actor. He is famous for Thalappavu, Meesha Madhavan, and Classmates. In 2011, he did Teja Bhai and Family. He played a role as Ammittu in Teja Bhai and Family. In 2002, he worked on Snehadooth as Pazhani. In 2000, he played a role as Takkor in Rapid Action Force.