Malayalam Stunt Director ( 0 - 5 )

Jolly Bastin

Santo Krishnan

Mafia Sasi


Stunt Director Is Also Known As A Stunt Coordinator

A Stunt Director Is Also Known As A Stunt Coordinator. He Is Responsible For Directing Stunts Performed By Experienced Stunt Performers And Also Finding Stunt Players. They Are Experienced Stunt Performers Whose Main Role Is To Arrange Stunt Casting Which Includes Finding Stunt Players, And Stunt Doubles And Choreograph Stunts For The Movie.

A Stunt Coordinator Works Closely With The Director To Achieve The Vision Of The Production. They Are Also Responsible For The Safety Of The Crew When The Stunts Are Being Performed As These Stunts Are Often Dangerous And Risky. Apart From Choreographing Stunts They Are Also Required To Interact With The Other Professionals To Specialize In The Stunts And Ensure Proper Planning And Execution .

They Are Required To Budget, Design And Choreograph The Stunt Sequence To Suit The Script And That Best Suits The Vision Of The Director. Their Role Is To Direct The Stunts Performed By The Professional Performers.