Harshwardhan Dixit is a music composer and producer. He has been the music producer for the 2019 television series 'Medically Yours.' He did playback singing for Jineva in 2015. He was the playback singer for nine episodes for the television series 'Virgin Bhaskar' in 2019. He was the music producer and musical director for ten episodes in a 2020 television series ' It Happened In Calcutta It Happened in Calcutta is a Hindi romance drama w >> Read More... It Happened In Calcutta .' He was the background music producer and music producer for twelve episodes for the 2020 television series 'Mum Bhai.'

He composed music for the television series 'Ye Pyar Na Hoga Kam' in 2009 to 2010. It had 161 episodes. He did playback singing for 'I. M. A. Gujju' in 2018. He composed music in 10 episodes for the 2019 television program 'Medically Yours,' for which he was also the music producer. He also composed music in eleven episodes of 'Virgin Bhaskar,' a TV series of 2019, and 'It Happened In Calcutta', a 10 episode TV series of 2020.