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Malayalam Tv Serial Chila Nerangalil Chila Manushyar

Chila Nerangalil Chila Manushyar Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Chila Nerangalil Chila Manushyar is a Malayalam tele-serial which was telecasted by Amrita TV in 2011. This show was broadly based on a famous novel written by Sri. Jayakanthan. This story has won many awards. 
The lead was beautifully enacted by the talented movie actress Praveena. She was well supported by many other prominent artists. The name of the protagonist is Ganga. Ganga is a teenager with many dreams and ambitions. She lives in a small, happy family. But her world turns upside down with a strange incident, where she was attacked by a stranger on a drizzly night. For reasons unknown to her, Ganga does on resist the unfamiliar person. She does not even remember his face. 
The story starts which an unusual incident where the young Ganga is attacked by a stranger on a rainy night. This incident changes her life beyond her own expectations. Ganga was thrown out of the house and she had to take refuge at a relative’s house. However Ganga continues her studies and reaches the top position in her career. But the old incident had changes her personality and her equations with the world around her.
Ganga decides to remain unattached and hates all men, but she sets out on a journey to find the stranger who ruined her world. Finally she successfully is able to reach the villain but slowly develops a romantic relationship with him. This role is donned by actor Vijay Menon Vijay Menon is an eminent Malayalam actor. He acte >> Read More... . He is a drunkard and has a peculiar mind set. He was a womanizer all his life, but changes after meeting Ganga for the second time. The strong portrayal on the lead character was the most crucial part of the show and Praveena has done full justice to her role. This serial questions several stereotypes and the common notions about right and wrong deeds.
Chila Nerangalil Chila Manushyar was directed by Sudheer Shekhar.


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Rekha Nirmal
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