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Written By - Team Nettv4u

It is comedy series successfully aired on E TV. The show is a big hit in Karnataka and is a light comedy series for a family. It stars Ganesh who is the main anchor of the show he is the character Vinay. the show consider’s him as the best choice they could have made. He delivers the dialogue as quickly as possible making the audience laughs hysterically. They made the house, the set as a proper Kannada home with the furniture depicting the culture of the family and also very fashionable.

The whole serial is given a long thought process so that the audience can relate themselves to the family. It is a very popular show in Karnataka, and almost everyone watches it as who can miss the amazing punch lines by Ganesh. It features a family in a house and their daily routines. They do comical things daily making the viewers laugh. It’s not what they normally do it’s how they do it. There is only one lady in the family who takes care of everyone and rests are the male members.

The family supports themselves in every situation after they had a good laugh. Sometimes one of them tries to learn Kungfu Karate ending up getting stiff. They when in problem go to the lady of the house who gives bizarre ways to correct the situation leading to more problems while the viewers can’t muffle their laughs. One time Ganesh aka Vinay was sleeping and everybody thought he is dead leading to everyone crying over him.

He gets up and as puzzled he is he asks “what’s the matter why everyone is weeping all around him”. Frightening people as they think him as the ghost of Vinay. Many times they invite several new artists a guest star who meant to be a doctor or plumber and comes to their place and creates the whole episode even funnier if that’s possible. The way they attend their guests are amazing. The best thing about the show is that it has an amazing comedy appropriate for every age group.

Every day there is a new plot and a whole new story revolving around. It’s somewhat like friends the American television show with kind of similar background sound effects making it rather interesting. Like the very show, they take pleasure in irritating each other and making fun of the present situation.



Manjula Paritala Kannada TV-Actress
DOB: 9 May 1990
Manjula Paritala
Harish Raj Kannada TV-Actor
DOB: 26 July 1976
Harish Raj
Ramesh Bhat Kannada Movie Actor
DOB: 7 January 1946
Ramesh Bhat
Lakshmi Gopalaswamy Kannada Movie Actress
DOB: 7 January 1970
Lakshmi Gopalaswamy