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Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai is a soap opera as well as drama serial of India. This serial is created by Shashi Sumeet productions and written by Sumit Mittal. This is directed by Shashi Mittal Shashi Mittal is the co-founder of the famous prod >> Read More... . Opening theme is played by Alka Yagnik Alka Yagnik is a very popular playback singer of t >> Read More... . Number of episodes are 233. Producers are Shashi Mittal and Sumeet H Mittal. Editors are Jay B Ghadiali. Running time of this serial is 24minutes. This serial was broadcasted on star plus. The story of Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai was about a girl who tried her level best to build a strong position in the house of her husband. In this serial they showed the miserable condition of women in the state like Uttar Pradesh and so on.

The name of the girl was Dhaani who cames from a poor family. She got married to a wealthy man who came from a powerful family and his name was Ambar. The whole strory showed how dhaani got her position in her husband’s house.The serial started on 5th August 2009 and ended on 25th June 2010.

The cast of the show was Neha Saxena Neha Saxena was born in Agra on April 24, 1988. Sh >> Read More... . She has played the main role of this serial as dhaani. She was born on 24th april 1990. She is an famous television actress. She became famous for playing the role Dhaani. She also played different roles in different serials. She is still workin in this industry with full of passion.

All the episodes of Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai are available on YouTube, but among all Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai episode 4, Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai episode 45 and Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai last episode are most famous. The details of Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai cast can be found at the sidebar.  

Another Version 

The serial presents hardships, struggles, and complications that a woman has to face in this male- dominating society. Dhani comes from a conservative family background. After Dhani's marriage to Amber, she faces disrespect from his family. As Dhaani does not have equivalent status and class, the family members show partiality to her. The family members compel Amber to get remarried. His marriage gets fixed with Sarla, who comes from a wealthy family and is equivalent in class. This incident made Dhani's life more miserable. She faces rejection from Amber as well as the other family members. Dhani does not give up despite all this, and she aims to earn the respect of the family members and get a place in their hearts. Dhani puts her best effort into getting the love of the family and creating a good impression on them. She faces a lot of struggles in this journey but never gives up. Meanwhile, Amber struggles to create fairness between his professional and personal life. He fails to manage the responsibilities towards his wives. Dhani shows resolute determination and resilience while sorting out her relationships and marital life. As the story continues, the viewers gradually see a lot of character development. The serial presents a range of emotions like love, anger, and jealousy. It also gives a reality check about the society and its unnecessarily rigid rules. Amber and Dhani face their demons while tied up with responsibilities. Other than Neha Saxena, the cast of the serial also includes many talented actors and actresses like Damini Joshi Talented and a very gorgeous actress Damini Joshi, >> Read More... , Zalak Desai Zalak Desai or Jhalak Desai is a Hindi television >> Read More... , Kunal Bhatia Kunal Bhatia is an Indian model and a television a >> Read More... , Varun Khandelwal Varun Khandelwal, who can currently be seen as IPS >> Read More... , Shiva Chaturvedi, Devendra Kumar Mishra, and Abigail Jain Abigail Rajeev Jain is a gorgeous lady born on Feb >> Read More... .



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