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Malaal Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV
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Malaal was a family show. It used to come on Zindagi TV, starting from 19 October 2015. It ended on 4 November 2015 with 15 episodes. It was a dubbed version of a Pakistani television show with the same name which used to come on Hum TV in the Urdu language. It was also dubbed in the Arabic language with the name Hob-Wa-Nadam and used to come on MBC. The show was produced by Momina Duraid   A phenomenal producer and a brilliant director, >> Read More... under the banner Moomal Productions. The writer of the show was Umera Ahmed   Umera Ahmad was born on 10 December 1976 in Sia >> Read More... and the director was Mehreen Jabbar.

The opening theme of the show “Behti Naar” was given by Rushk. The cast of the show included Deepti Gupta Deepti Gupta, a Pakistani actress, was born 28th J >> Read More... aka Zinia, Sarwat Gilani Sarwat Gilani is a Pakistani model, singer, and a >> Read More... aka Mahi, Faisal Rehman Faisal Rehman or better known by his stage name Fa >> Read More... aka Danish, Imran Abbas Naqvi Popular Pakistani actor Imran Abbas, famous for hi >> Read More... aka Jawad, Adeel Ahmed Bio coming soon... >> Read More... aka Saifi, Tania Kazi aka Lily who is Saifi's sister, Badar Khalil aka Mahi's mother, Sheheryar Zaidi aka Mahi's father, ShamimHilaly aka Afia, RajuJamil aka Jawad's father, IsmatZaidi aka Jawad's mother, and Sanam Agha aka Savera who is Jawad's sister. Malaal means regret.

The show revolves around Danish and Zinia who are very close friends from fifteen years and live in the US. Both secretly love each other, but Zinia is rejected by Danish's mother, Afia, because of her age when he goes to meet his mother to Pakistan. Due to his mother’s insistence, Danish gets married with Mahi, a very young woman. Mahi is happy to marry Danish, and they both go to the US after marriage. Mahi is friends with Saifi through the Internet who loves her, and Savera is Mahi's best friend and also a maternal cousin.

After reaching the US, Mahi develops a good friendship with Zinia and Zinia decides to move on. Zinia becomes friends with Jawad who is revealed to be Mahi's cousin. After that, Jawad, Mahi, and Zinia start hanging out together frequently. Jawad finds himself to be falling in love with Zinia even though she is a decade older to him. Zinia’s frequently meetings with Jawad upsets Danish, and he starts fighting with Mahi and Jawad for which Zinia warns him to not interfere in her life and to stay away from her personal matters, now that he is a married man. Mahi is shown to be pregnant. Lily, Zinia's one time best friend, visits her with her brother who turns out to be Saifi.

At the same time, Mahi comes, and Saifi starts blackmailing Mahi by calling her. She, after getting frustrated, cuts the wire which brings disputes between her and Danish. Once, Zinia hears her phone call, but she doesn’t tell anything to Danish as Mahi begs her not to. Jawad proposes Zinia but she denies reluctantly because of their age difference, and she knows that his mother would never allow their marriage. She also likes him, but she is very scared to face another rejection. Jawad requests her by saying that he will convince his mother and Lily also feels him to be perfect for Zinia but Danish is not ready to accept it and tells to Mahi that Zinia will never agree to marry Jawad as she loved him which makes Mahi upset.

Meanwhile, Danish receives all the emails from Saifi, and thus he now knows about Mahi's past relationship with Saifi. Danish denies listening to anybody. He even doesn’t listen to Lily's apology and divorces Mahi. Mahi starts hating Danish after learning that he loves Zinia and only wanted a reason to leave her. She also manages to convince her father and her mother, Aliya. Jawad goes to Pakistan. Danish proposes Zinia but she hates him, and then he finds out a birthday card for him by Mahi so he goes to convince Mahi, but she denies as she knows that he is very selfish and had come to her only because Zinia rejected him. Jawad reveals about his feelings for Zinia to his mother who rejects Zinia and begins to shout at him. She even denies listening to Ibrahim, her husband and talks to Afia about it.

But she has to agree when Jawad is adamant that he will marry only Zinia and that too only if she (his mother) is convinced, but she places a condition. Jawad returns to the US to meet Zinia, but she lies saying that she has married Danish, so Jawad also lies that his mother rejected her. After some days, they again meet, and Zinia confesses about her lie, whose reason was that she already knew that Jawad's mother would never accept their relationship but Jawad tells her that he also lied, and his mother has finally got convinced but she wants Zinia to leave the US and work in Pakistan. Zinia agrees to the condition, and they are shown leading a happy life together at the end of the show.


Amar Talwar Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 21 December 1949
Amar Talwar
Bhanu Uday Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 16 October 1980
Bhanu Uday
Kishori Shahane Hindi Dancer
DOB: 23 April 1968
Kishori Shahane