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Hindi Tv Show Mind Games-Baazi Dimaag Ki

Mind Games-Baazi Dimaag Ki Hindi Tv shows on Star plus

Mind Games-Baazi Dimaag Ki was a unique family TV game show that was aired on Indian entertainment television Star Plus and was hosted by Film actor Rahul Bose Rahul Bose, who is an actor, director, writer and >> Read More... . The show started airing on TV in 2009 and continued its broadcast for around a year. The show was sponsored by “Kellogg’s corn flakes”. “Mind games… were a unique and one of its kind mind game show for the families to play which tested the human minds and how fast it can respond and work. This show was not like a typical quiz show but it provided a platform for different families to play by utilising their brain power and outwit others. Click here

The game show involved three families as participants in each episode who were selected from various parts of India. Each family comprised of the mother, father and a kid in the age group of 12- 14 years.

“Kellogg’s Cornflakes presents Mind games-Baazi Dimaag Ki” consisted of four parts or rounds. The first round was for the mothers of each family and was named as “Bojho toh jaane”- This round provided few visual clues to the participants and finding some common connecting links which ultimately led to an ‘Indian Muhaavra´proverbs or idioms). 10 Iron points were awarded for identifying each correct Muhaavra and there was no negative marking for this round. The second round was played by the fathers of each family team and was named “Dimaag Chalao”. In this round, the fathers were requested to solve various puzzles like Jigsaw or Sudoku.

Among the 3 families, the first to complete the puzzles got 60 iron points,the first runner up got 30 iron points and the 3rd participant to complete them used to get zero iron point. The third round involved the kids of the participating families. In this round, the kids were given various mind puzzles to work on based on Dr. Woods Games. This round was named “Jod-Bejod”. After the third round, the family with the lowest marks was eliminated from the game and the remaining two families used to proceed the final round which was called “Baazi Dimaag Ki”. This round was played by the entire family and was based on the basic concept of mental mathematics.

The host used to ask questions to each of the family members after they were shown few numbers of various types. The right answer in this round fetched the participants 10 iron points and a wrong one incurred a negative marking of 5 iron points. At the end of the fourth and the final round, scores were calculated and the winner family was declared. This game show was quite popular among the kids of age group 10-14 years.