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Hindi Tv Show Bachke Rehna Zara Sambhalke

Bachke Rehnaa Zara Sambhalke Hindi Tv shows on Sony entertainment
Bachke Rehnaa Zara Sambhalke is a game show of the Indian Television broadcast on Sony Tv on 2002 at 9.00PM spanned 26 episodes. Produced by Columbia Tristar Domestic Television, This show is hosted by ' Mohnish Bahl Born to the late actress ‘Nutan’, Mohnish Behl is >> Read More... ' and its his debut as a anchor. The show is the Indian version of the famous game show Russian Roulett. 
The game show Backe Rehna Zara Sambhal Ke is the game of luck, Knowledge and skill. Every question could send back contestant, the game played between four players who challenge each other, when opponent gives right answer his/her equals money and the contestant has a right to play, but if the answer is wrong player is disqualified to play and goes out through holes on the floor. The rest player continues the game only the smartest and luckiest player survives in last and finishes the game on every Monday. Bachke Rehnaa Zara Sambhalke also run a contest for cable operators and viewers which offer participation in a game show and helicopter rides. 
Bachke Rehnaa Zara Sambhalke was about to hit on the channel when KBC was a big hit and so many game shows were running, it was said that Bachke Rehnaa Zara Sambhalke has a chance of doing well because it was a tested and tried formula and also has a good format in a place. Also, analysts predict good potential of high TRP but apparent similarities between KBC and Bachke Rehnaa Zara Sambhalke it was hardly any comparison.