Telugu Tv Serial Durga

Nothing is better than an Interesting Script, Great Director, Perfect Cast and Amazing Acting to keep the viewers captivating. Famous writer ‘ Sameer Arora’ and director ‘Siddharth Malhotra’ came up with one of the best crime drama mystery show on Indian television “Ek Haseena Thi.” The show acclaimed many positive reviews from a large number of audiences. It emerged out to be the biggest hits of Star Plus. The fame it received led to its dubbing in several other languages. Some of them were, into Malayalam as "Oru Shishirathinte Ormakku", and into Arabic as "Laheeb Al-Huqd ", flames of hatred in English translation. It also dubbed into Sinhala as "Sulanga Wage Avidin” and in Telugu as “Durga.”

Durga is a story of a spoiled son, and a beautiful girl with a motive of revenge, and a loving dad which turns up the heat. The story revolves around the main protagonist of the show ‘Durga Thakur’, beautifully done by ‘ Sanjeeda Sheikh’. She is an ambitious and a smart lady who just returned from the United States. She encounters with Goenka family. At first, Durga was shown as the caretaker of a mental patient Payal Mitra who has peculiar past with the Goenka family. It was clear that Durga was here for some vengeance, and she starts setting up a plan to proceed to her mission.

Shaurya Goenka, done by ‘ Vatsal Sheth’, falls for Durga because of her assertive personality and exceptionally good looks making Durga’s first step complete. As the time passes by, Shurya’s mother Sakshi Goenka (‘ Simone Singh’) becomes apprehensive of Durga as a lot of bad life-threatening incidents starts happening in the family. When the viewers think that the show could not offer more thrill or drama, creators unleash the biggest suspense of the story that Durga was Payal’s sister. Payal was raped by Shaurya and his friends to avenge Nitya, who becomes Durga after getting plastic surgery when she got hit by the car of Dr. Dayal Thakur.

Durga’s plan works wells until Sakshi finds out her truth and convinces Shaurya to walk out on the marriage day; this is where Dev, who was in love with Nitya comes in to help Durga. Sakshi was the source of evilness in the family and tries every possible way to bring Durga down. After a lot of twists and turns, Durga was finally able to put the Goenka family behind the bars to complete her revenge, though the last scene shows Shaurya whistling which means that he was never in the jail.

The show was one of the best thriller mysteries and was hit among the Telugu viewers as well. We hope that director Siddharth Malhotra would soon come up with something brilliant like this and after the grand success of his show bars are set even higher this time.