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Kranthi Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Maa TV launched on 30th March 2011 a new television Drama serial called Kranthi. It doesn’t matter if has only 68 episodes, it was very appreciated by the viewers and by the cinema critics. It was broadcasted weekly from Monday to Thursday at 6PM and it was a leader on the rating market at that hour, passing all the rival televisions. In this television serial great stars, actors like Rajini, Manisha, Rajashkar and directed by Pawan the really made a successful television Drama serial.

Kranthi is the main character and is working for Padma Devi Padma Devi was an Indian Bengali actress and a pla >> Read More... in the publishing business. Padma Devi has three children, two boys Rajashekar and Abhishek and only one daughter Akruthi. Devayani falls in love with Rajashekar and they met at work, but as the life has many twisted ways, Rajashekar falls in love with the beautiful and innocent Kranthi. Padma Devi arranged the wedding of Devayani with her other son Abhishek. Over the night Kranthi became a celebrity because of her book called Devakanya and gets an award for. Seeing the success that Kranthi has, Padma Devi arranged the marriage with Rajashekar hoping that will be a part of Kranthi’s success. One day Kranthi receives a call from a mysterious person and messed her up and now she became undecided about the future wedding. An emotional story is presented my Maa TV with twisted situations and it seems like this is the reason of the huge success.



Dubbing Janaki Telugu Supporting Actress
DOB: 28 August 1949
Dubbing Janaki
Lavanya Tripathi Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 15 December 1990
Lavanya Tripathi