Telugu Awards Nandi Awards 2009

Nandi Awards 2009 Telugu AWARDS on YouTube Channel

The Nandi Awards, is the best-known award show in Telugu cinema for all the actors, the industry, and the theater. This show, is sponsored by the government of Andhra Pradesh, every year.The award function is held to give awards to the best actors in Telugu cinema in each category. The award show was first started in 1964 and from then onwards, the show was held every year till 2013. The awards in this show were given in different categories like; best actor, best child actor, best male actor, best female actor and the list goes on long.

The awards given in the show are also specially made in the shape of Nandi, which are either of gold, silver, copper or silver. Medals, cash prizes and certificates are also given as per the needs. As we know Nandi means “bull”, this the tribute is itself a big thing. Bull is regarded as a powerful animal which can do anything. Nandi is also a historical and cultural sign of Andhra Pradesh. It is named after a bull statue in Andhra Pradesh named as Lepakshi. There are many categories for which different awards were given every year.

For the best feature film, the award was given to Sontha Ooru. For the second best feature film, the award was given to Baanam. For the third best feature film, the award was given to Kalavaramaye Madilo. In the other categories, the award winners included award for best children’s film, which was to Nazarana. The award for the best documentary film was given to Kartavyam. Best actor award was given to Dasari Narayana Rao for the movie Mestri. The award for the category of the best actress was given to Theertha for the movie Sontha Ooru.

Best villain award was given to Taraka Ratna for Amaravathi. And the list is so long that it’s impossible to tell them all here. This award function was held every year on the Telugu New Year. The show was originally in the Telugu language itself. Till 1998, the funds for the organization of the event were given by Film Television and Theatre Development Corporation after which, the funds started being arranged by the government of Andhra Pradesh. The main aim of organising this award function was to promote the film industry in the state of Andhra Pradesh.