Yamini is a Telugu television actress from Andhra Pradesh, India. She completed her studies in Andhra Pradesh and then went on a road to fulfilling her dream to become an actress. She was born on 1st September 1982 (32 Years), and her zodiac sign is Libra. She always received appreciation for her acting and is a hard working actress. She had been a part of many Telugu Television serials such as Chinna Kodalu Chinna Kodalu is an Indian Television family drama >> Read More... Chinna Kodalu . It is a Telugu TV drama series about a girl named Radhika who made sacrifices for her family to keep them happy and she has Lord Krishna's blessing with her. The TV show used to air in Zee Telugu. It has more the seven hundred episodes and is adored by Indian audiences out there.

This show also tells you about the mesmerizing tales of Lord Krishna and how Radhika follows with great affection. The other TV soap opera in which she appeared was Puttini Pattu Cheera premiered on 12th August 2013 and made under the banner of Annapurna Studios Pvt. Ltd. It is the serial drama that consists of 273 episodes. It used to air on five days from Monday to Friday at 2 p.m.

Despite such an odd time; it received man appreciation from the Indian audience and the critics. Rashid Pedha directs it and starred actors like Yamini, Sammeta Gandhi Sammeta Gandhi is a famous artist and dramatist in >> Read More... Sammeta Gandhi , Malakpet Sailaja Actor Bio Coming Soon ...... Check back later. >> Read More... Malakpet Sailaja , Sujatha Reddy Sujatha Reddy is an Indian film and television act >> Read More... Sujatha Reddy , Krishna Nagavamshi, Ashish, Koteshwar Rao, Ramamurthy Amrutha, and, Sravani Divya.

The story talks about a village girl named Godavari and how she lives her life in hardship, and her beautiful moments. The Annapurna Studios has created this series that will give you the rollercoaster experience of emotions.

Vijaya Rani Telugu Actress

Vijaya Rani

Vijaya Rani, an Indian actress, has worked in a couple of Telugu soap serials. Her full name is Battula Vijaya Rani. She is famously known for her alleged fraudulent cheating of her peers and colleagues. The senior actress worked in a Telugu daily serial which was popular among the masses. 'Mogalirekulu', the soap opera she acted in, ran for a long time and her small yet important role made her rise to fame. The plot of the serial is that of four young boys and their differences and dilemmas in a family. The family drama driven soap aired on Gemini TV, but it ended in May 2013. Vijaya Rani received a fair amount of recognition for her small role in 'Mogalirekulu'. Things turned sour for the actress when she got arrested in Bangalore after allegedly running off with over ten crore rupees taken from her colleagues and friends in the industry. Vijaya Rani ran a successful and organized chit fund i.e. a micro-financing service or scheme. In which many people deposited an amount of money in the hope of getting a greater return. Many of her television industry peers like the actors and the crew members invested a sum of money in the chit fund, but it is believed that the actress instead of returning the fund along with the interest, flew away in fear of being caught for her ill practices She fled the scene and hid for a fairly long time, but eventually CSS caught her. Upon interrogation, she retaliated by saying she wasn't running from justice, but was threatened by some unknown people and was in fear for her safety. The actress was presented to the media and said that she was to pay Rs.1.72 cr to as many as 72 people. She continued saying that over 52 people owed her money. Vijaya Rani has been a constant subject of controversies since then. Before her professional career got due to the accusations, she did a serial named 'Laya'. Produced by The Yellow Media, 'Laya' was a hit among the Telugu speaking audiences and had a total of 321 episodes. The J. V. S. Raju directed show was focused on the journey of the protagonist, named Chaitanya, in his life and the struggles he had to face along the path. Vijaya Rani had a small role in the serial.