Tamil Tv Show Endrum MSV

Endrum MSV Tamil TV SHOWS on Mega TV

Endrum MSV is a Tamil talk show which is aired on Jaya TV. It is aired on Sundays and has a runtime of forty minutes. It is talk show which is dedicated to the legendary singer Manayangath Subramanian Viswanathan. Many famous singer from South India share their experiences about working with the the legendary singer.

The show takes place in Chennai. There is no live audience and if you are not a fan of MSV, or you barely know him, then it is not for you. Singers and music directors only and only talk about him and nothing else. They share their funny experiences and also their sad ones. They talk about the time he yelled at them and tears almost started coming out of their eyes. The host tries his best to channel out the feelings from the guests towards the audience. Manayangath Subramanian Viswanathan, is the winner of various awards in the industry. It is not just people who are associated with music and singing, who share their views.

Everyone from the film industry, regardless of his role, come to the show and share their views on him. Stories are told how he was a father to them. When they had entered the industry, they were just babies, and he nurtured them to be where they are right now. His singing would make anybody fall in love with him. He had great wits and was ready to take on anybody for the good of his lyrics. If he had decided that this was the singer he wanted for his song, then he will get that singer and nothing would stop him. He has performed worldwide. Not only in India, he has fans from all places around the world.

He gave support to numerous budding singers and all of them are now successful. He has also received the National Awards from the President and the Prime Minister. During the show, his pictures are shown on the big screen behind the anchor and the guests. Videos of him singing are also shown. A few guests have also cried on the show, this just the impact the man had on them. Everyone has a unique story, and this is what makes it a treat for the singing legend’s fans.