Tamil Tv Serial Sani Bhagavan Mahimai

Shani Bhagavaan Magimai (Shani Dev) Tamil Tv serials on Polimer tv

Produced by Sagar Arts and Directed by Prem Sagar, “Shani Bhagavaan Magimai” is a mythological tele-serial which depicts the significance of “Saturn” (Lord Shani) and it’s effects. “Saneeswara Bhagavaan” is the most feared God, among the Hindus. It is believed that no one can getaway from him, under any circumstances. Shani (Saturn) is one of the Navagraha which are the nine primary celestial beings; Also known as Saneeswara or Shani Dev, Shani is the son of Lord Surya and Chhaya (Shadow). Since Shani is born to a shadow and Sun he looks dark and black, and black is considered to be the most desired color of Lord Shani. Most people worry about Shani’s impact in their lives and thereby look for remedies to overcome the effects. However, Shani, in reality, is a great planet which actually acts a teacher, who enlightens us to destroy ego and pride and learn patience and nobility.

The serial on Polimer TV, highlights the kindness of Shani Bhagavaan, through this mythological weekly serial “Shani Bhagavaan Magimai” which portrays the deity and its powerful overtures. This is the dubbed version of the Hindi original, “ Mahima Shani Dev Ki” by NDTV Imagine. Daya Shankar Pandey (as Shani Bhagavaan) Born in 1965, Daya Shankar Pandey, an actor, has acted in many films and tele-serials, where the most prominent ones are Lagaan, Rajneeti, etc. He has acted in more than 35 films. Another serial Ullam Kollai Poguthada begins here:- Ullam Kollai Poguthada (Bade Achhe Lagte Hai) Ullam Kollai Poguthada’ – a mega tele serial is a beautiful love story - where “ Love” is developed post marriage. Tamil version of the title song is rendered by Shweta Mohan (Daughter of popular singer Sujatha Mohan) and penned by lyricist Na.Muthukumar. The serial is produced by Ekta Kapoor, Balaji Telefilms and directed by ' Partho Mitra'.

This mega serial depicts the blossoming of love after marriage. Key characters are Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar. Story begins with a circumstantial forced marriage between Priya Sharma (Sakshi Tanwar) and Ram Kapoor (original name). Priya’s brother Karthik and Ram’s step sister Natasha fall in love with each other and to help them get married, Priya and Ram, despite their age difference, get married and how they go about in their marital life, is the rest . They sincerely respect and deeply love each other and every time they try to get closer, situations prevent them. Many negative characters like Ram’s step mother, Priya’s sister and friends, turn against them. Circumstances separate them when Priya gets in the family’s ways and traditions. Ram suffers a heart attack mislead by an information that Priya is dead in a train accident. However, Priya is alive, delivers a beautiful baby and happens to meet Ram after few years.

Ram takes a liking to his daughter but fails to accept Priya, as before. The daughter is left under the father’s care and the parents separate. Ram’s inability in being a good parent forces the family’s re-union for the sake of the child. This serial is on air from Monday to Saturday, every week. The story currently involves the differences between the couple being the cause for Ram and Priya’s marriage - Ram’s step-sister Natasha and Priya’s brother Karthik.

Karthik has an extra-marital affair and has a girl child through that affair, and they enter Natasha’s home ……………. Ram Kapoor (as Ram Kapoor) : Ram Kapoor, who hosted Rakhi Ka Swayamwar started acting in Nyay in 1997. He has won the Indian Telly Award for three consecutive years. He has also performed supporting roles in a couple of Hindi films. He has hosted innumerable reality shows besides donning roles in serials and films. He has won many awards as Best Actor for his performance in both Kasam Se and Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. Sakshi Talwar (as Priya): Sakshi Talwar gained popularity in Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii which gave her the opportunity in Ullam Kollai Poguthada.