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Love Telugu Tv serials on Maa tv
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Love is an Indian TV serial in the Telugu language. It premiered in 2007. It aired on the Maa channel. It comes under the genres of Romance, Mystery, Drama and Friendship. The story revolves around eight medical interns in a top hospital. These interns are aspiring medical doctors who have started working in the hospital as interns after freshly graduating from college. The aspiring and enthusiastic doctors plunge into the chaos of hospital life. Their days become a never-ending series of hardships. There is an increased demand for educational qualifications in the hospital. There is an urgent need to perfect their clinical skills before practicing as a doctor, and these demands need many sleepless nights and long hours. Caring for the patient and carrying their emotional weight becomes the daily routine of their lives. 

These interns struggle with the ethical issues that arise in the medical field as they navigate the intricate web of medical cases. They frequently feel under pressure to make quick and well-informed decisions. Most of the time, these decisions often contrast with their sense of morality and empathy towards the patient and their family. The young interns create connections beyond the operating room amid the professional chaos. Their solidarity serves as a support system during medical difficulties, offering comfort and understanding during happy and sad times. Their personal and professional lives interconnect to create a delicate balance between personal and professional fulfillment. The constant pursuit of excellence, strained relationships, and developing strength help the interns to drive forward.

A group of enthusiastic and youthful medical interns set out on a journey driven by their desire to become excellent doctors. Their arrival in the hospital corridors signifies the beginning of an exciting new chapter. They become good friends gradually, and the serial shows their friendship as their greatest strength. Some interns fall in love while working, and the show explores their lives from a new aspect. The desire to become the best doctors drives them onward throughout their journey, making sure that each obstacle serves as an opportunity to achieve their aspirations.


Indraneil Varma Telugu TV-Actor
DOB: 10 November 1980
Indraneil Varma
Madhavi Latha Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 2 October 1988
Madhavi Latha
Nikitha Narayan Telugu Movie Actress
DOB: 19 May 1992
Nikitha Narayan
Prethi Telugu Movie Actress