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Priyasakhi is a Tamil show which was the first time aired on 8th June 2015. Zee Tamil broadcasted the show. It came on 7:30 pm from 8th June 2015 to 1st April 2016, and later the timings were changed to 9:00 pm from 4th April 2016 to 20th May 2016. It used to come from Monday to Friday. Parameshwar was the director of the show. It belongs to drama genre. The theme of the show also included revenge and family relations. It had two seasons. The writer of the show was C.U Muthuselven and Ramana gopi directed it. Tamillarsi Muthusselven and K.Jodhy were the producers. Priyasakhi is a story of Dhivya. Her parents are uncaring, and her siblings are cunning and jealous. She is the only source of income in her family. She has a job in an event management company. She only pays the college fees of her sister and brother. Her entire family depends on her income. Her younger sister’s name is Kirthika. Her father, Chandrashekhar, does not give any money to the family. He keeps on trying to gain profit in Real Estate but fails in every attempt. He keeps on telling his family that he will become a millionaire one day and his wife, Dhamayanti, believes him every time.

Dhivya and Karthick fall in love, and their family agrees for their marriage. Their love keeps on strengthening every day. Gayathri helps them as a mediator, but the problem comes when Karthick has to leave to Singapore for an urgent office work. A very rich businessman, Rajarathinam, adopts Dhivya. Subbulaxmi, Rajarathinam’s wife, feels Dhivya as a stumbling block as she wants to take revenge on him and Dhivya becomes a problem in her plan. So, she decides to throw Dhivya out of the house. Dhivya is a person who has lots of positivity in her. She can sacrifice anything for her family, and thus, she sacrifices her love also and gets married. Her husband married her only for challenge and thrill. He treats her like trash. Her in-laws are unsympathetic.

In her in-law’s house, the only person who she finds as a real human is her father-in-law. He is her pillar of strength. Dhivya has two ways to live her life- either to remain caring and loving or to change and become like other people. She chooses to remain the same and loves all the persons, even those who hurt her. The story shows the problems that she faces to win everyone’s heart. A lot of twists and turns come up her way, but she fights them all. Mithra Kurian played the role of Dhivya, but after the plastic surgery, Nikila Rao became the new Dhivya. Ashwin Kumar was Karthik in the show, while Shabnam played the role of Kirthika. Raj Mohan and Nithya played the role of Dhivya’s parents. Raja was the one who adopted Dhivya, and Roopasree played his wife’s role. The other cast included Ravi Shankar, Shalini, Arun Kumar, Arnav, Surekha, Balasubramani, and Kamal Hassan. The show delivered the message that whatever we choose in life only makes our life. It had a lot of positivity in it. You will definitely like the show. Do watch it.