Tamil Tv Serial Poovizhi Vasalile

Poovizhi Vasalile started in 2015 on Raj TV. It is the Tamil dubbed version of Colors’ show Udaan. This show was started on Raj TV as a result of the mutual partnership of Raj TV with Colors TV, which was signed in June 2015. It comes at 8:00 PM every Monday- Saturday. It is currently on-air. It has completed more than 250 episodes. Dhaval Gada, Mahesh Bhatt, and Gurudev Bhalla are the producers of the show. Javed Siddiqui and Robin Bhatt are the writers. Gurudev Bhalla Productions are the distributor. It belongs to the drama genre.

Poovizhi Vasalile showcases the issues of the bonded labour in villages of India. It shows the story of a girl, Thenmozhi. Tenmozhi is kept as the collateral under Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi, who is a wealthy landlord, by her father, Madhavan when her mother, Kasturi Madhavan, is pregnant with her. They want money for the funeral of Thenmozhi’s grandfather. So, they go to Rajvanshi’s haveli to beg for money. Rajvanshi’s wife, Tejaswini, tells them to keep their unborn child as a mortgage. On finding no other way, the couple decides to do the same. In this way, she becomes a slave by birth.

Tejaswini gives permission to Kasturi to take Tenmozhi, with her for seven years, but after that, she must serve the Rajvanshi. Agreeing to the demand, Tenmozhi enters the Rajvanshi’s haveli after seven years. She is a strong, kind, intelligent, and fearless girl. She is very talented. She finds a ray of hope in the form of Ishwar, a collector, who wants her to study. She is admitted to a school with Ishwar’s son, Aditya Rawat. There she meets Arjun Khanna, a physical education trainer, and Vivaan Rajvanshi, Kamal Narayan’s nephew. Ishwar takes her with him to provide her education, but his father is scared from Bhaiyaji and tries to send her back. Kamal Narayan makes Ishwar get arrested in a false case.

Tenmozhi faces a tough decision in choosing between her helper and her education. She sacrifices her education. Arjun and Vivaan enter their village. Arjun and Kamal Narayan’s daughter, Bhagya, fall in love and get married. Ishwar sends Kamal to jail. Ishwar dies in a bomb blast which was planned by Kamal Narayan and gets released. The rest of the story shows struggles of Thenmozhi for getting freedom and Arjun helps her in this. Spandan Chaturvedi plays the role of Thenmozhi Madhavan, and Wahib Kapadia plays Vivaan Rajvanshi. Yash Mistry is Aditya Rawat. Vineet Raina is in the role of Arjun and Sheetal Pandya in the role of Bhagya.

Sandeep Baswana is Ishwar Rawat, and Tasheen Shah is Kanmani, Thenmozhi’s sister. Sai Ballal plays the role of main antagonist, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. Sai Deodhar and Rajiv Kumar play the role of parents of Thenmozhi. The story is very motivating. It gives the message that if you try something with all your strength, no matter how difficult it is, you will definitely achieve it one day. The way Thenmozhi faces all the struggles is wonderful. Do watch it.