Tamil Tv Serial Nimmathi



Nimmadhi is a mega serial which was aired on Sun TV. The story revolves around Kalyanaraman and his four sisters. Kalyanaraman, being the eldest in the family, takes up the responsibility of getting his sisters married into good families. Under unexpected circumstances, he marries Seetha. Nandini Devi, Seetha’s sister falls in love with Kalyanaraman. She decides to take revenge on him by creating enough troubles in his life. How he overcomes these situations make up the rest of the story of the serial. Other than Kalyanraman, Seetha and Nandini Devi, the rest of the cast include Revathi Priya, Srividya, Jaanavi, K.S. Jeyalakshmi, Karunanithi, Mohan V. Ram, LIC Narasimhan, M. Varalakshmi, Pollachi Babu, Vishva, Meenakumari and many more. The popularity of the serial is because of the fact that the story of has a middle class setting, a family drama surrounding marriage, and avoids the cliché of being a story which doesn’t pivot around a long lasting heroine.

Nimmadhi was aired on Sun TV on weekdays from 12 – 12 30 PM. Nimmadhi was produced by AVM Productions and was directed by R Dhandapani. AVM Productions, a powerhouse of a production company known for housing the oldest film studio and having a strong foothold in regional cinema, ventured into television and produced some memborable mega serials. Some of the popular mega serials to come out of AVM are Sontham, Vazhkkai, Nambikkai, Sorgam and Aasai.