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Tamil Tv Serial Nilave Malare

Nilave Malare Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv

Nilave Malare is a beautiful family drama originally telecasted in Hindi as “ Parvarish Parvarish is a Pakistani family drama serial that >> Read More... ” aired on Sony Television. It was later dubbed in Tamil as “Nilave Malare” and is being telecasted in Raj TV from 2013. The series elegantly portrays the love and care of two families. They are the inLaw families of two sisters, Sweety and Pinky. Sweety Ahluwalia essays a typical Indian mother in front of our eyes with her strict demeanor. Behind the layers of strictness, anger and authoritativeness, lies her priceless love for her children Rocky and Ginny.

Though they mean the life to her, she scolds them when they lack in discipline and responsibility. Unable to express their frustration they start to stage a subtle rebellion. Lakvir Singh is her better half who understands the true feelings of Sweety towards the children and supports her at all times . He balances the situations and pacifies both the children and the mother restoring peace in the family. While Sweety acts in a more grown up way, her younger sister Pinky Ahuja takes the other road. She tries to befriend her children and cause commotions and confusions because of her over friendliness.

Her children struggle to wiggle out of her smothering love and care and try to express their individuality. Pinky is lucky to have Jeet as her life partner who loves her deeply with all her imperfections. Shweta Tiwari Shweta Tiwari is the well known face of Indian Tel >> Read More... plays the role of Sweety Ahluwalia and Rupali Ganguly Rupali Ganguly is a popular Indian television actr >> Read More... plays the role of Pinky Ahuja. Vivek Mushran Vivek Mushran is an Indian television actor who >> Read More... and Tapasvi Mehta Tapasvi Mehta is a young, popular and upcoming tel >> Read More... acted as Lakvinder and Jeet respectively. Imtiaz Punjabi Imtiaz Punjabi is an actor-turned-writer and direc >> Read More... , Khazaan Panesar and K Jay Kumar Jha have directed this fun filled sensible entertainment and DJ’s Creative Unit has created it. Comprising of two seasons and 381 episodes, Nilave Malare is one of the successful dubbed family dramas in Tamil