Tamil Tv Serial Mappillai

Mappillai Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Mappilai is a drama based daily series that came on the channel Zee Tamil. It is a Tamil language show and came on between Monday and Friday in the half an hour slot between 8:00 PM and 8:30 PM. It premiered on Indian television screens on 16th February 2015. The program got dubbed in the Tamil language from the original which aired in Hindi on Zee TV and got titled Jamai Raja. Following its popularity in the original series, it got dubbed and adopted in different languages including this one.

Mappillai shows us the story of a man called Siddharth, who is the lead protagonist of the story. He is a fast-paced business person running his own chain of hotels. He has a vast empire to take care of and which is doing excellent business. He is at the pinnacle of success in his career, but things are far from perfect at home. His mother-in-law and wife hardly see eye to eye on any topic. He attempts daily to salvage their relationship and make sure that his beautiful wife Roshni and her mother, his mother-in-law, Durga Devi start getting along.

Durga Devi has worked her way to the top herself. She has seen poverty and the different challenges that come along with it. She has faced numerous trials and tribulations while clawing her way up the business ladder and becoming a rich lady. She has gotten hardened over the struggles she has made over the years and has developed a very condescending attitude towards middle-class households. She has no tolerance neither for laziness nor mediocrity. She is an enterprising jewelry magnate and is regularly on the move.

She possesses a razor sharp brain along with a tongue that matches her ability to tear anyone to shreds. Her daughter Roshni contrary to her mother has a strong rebellious streak. She is an independent-minded woman and doesn’t believe her mother’s ideologies as the ultimate truth. She may have been born into luxury and comfort but has not let that spoil her head. She knows the privileges she enjoys and uses them to the limit but with consideration. She regularly works for the underprivileged and is actively involved in welfare works for them through an NGO, which she runs herself.

They both have extremely strong personalities and frequently clash on a variety of topics as they stay together and attempt to get their own way. Siddharth has tough times ahead of him as he attempts to resolve the daily conflicts between these two women and bring them both closer together.