Tamil Tv Serial Lakshmi Vanthachu

Other names of : Lakshmi Vandhachu
Lakshmi Vanthachu Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Lakshmi Vanthachu is a drama based daily series that came on the channel Zee Tamil. It is a Tamil language show and came on between Monday and Friday in the half an hour slot between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM. It premiered on Indian television screens on 2nd February 2014. The series got directed by the acclaimed pairing of the directors Suresh Krishna along with V. Sathasivam. Some of the other popular works which they have created include hits such as Annamalai and Baasha. Both grew into fan favorites and enjoyed long and successful runs on Indian television. Both the series enjoyed good ratings and reviews from fans as well as critics alike. The director duo has crafted the narrative of Lakshmi Vanthachu beautifully and ensured that the viewers connect with the protagonists and their story. It features among one of their finest creations.

The program follows the story of the lead protagonist who gets called Nandhini. She is a headstrong woman and very rational. This is the story of the different challenges she faces in her life and how she overcomes obstacles. She is a woman with strong ideals and doesn’t let anyone tell her otherwise. She believes in standing by what she knows to be the truth. Nandhini is a woman with great values and somebody who always steps forward in order to help those who need her at any given point of time. She happens to fall in love with a guy and dreams of being with him forever.

This relationship changes her life forever. But one day owing to events out of her control she ends up getting married to another guy. Circumstances force her to curb her true love and do what got needed to get done. She heads to her new home with a heavy heart but attempts to fulfill her duties to the best of her abilities. She slowly settles into her married life and starts to love her in-laws. She molds herself into this completely new way of life. The story follows her from here on and how she handles the different situations arising within the family, and this forms the remaining part of the tale. Nandhini proves herself to be a very intelligent woman and finds an innovative way of handling all the problems she comes up against. She tries to find a solution for everything and sculpts her life in a beautiful fashion which proves to be inspiring for everyone. Vani Bhojan plays the lead protagonist’s role and has done more than a commendable job of portraying Nandhini.