Tamil Tv Serial Jhansi Rani

Jhansi Rani Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil
Jhansi Rani is a Tamil serial that was aired in Zee Tamil from Monday to Friday by 8.30 PM. The serial is a dubbed version of the Hindi series, Jhansi Ki Rani. The Tamil version was premiered on 8th March of 2010. The serial showcased the life history of Lakshmi Bhai who was the queen of a place named Jhansi.

The story starts when Jhansi Rani was 14 years old who was known by her realname Manu. She gets a proper war training in her childhood. She starts fighting against the British Empire by adopting a new character called Kranti Guru. She becomes a head ache for the British officials. In the meanwhile, she gets married to the King of Jhansi where she was renamed as Lakshmi Bhai. She continues to play her Kranti Guru character even after the marriage against the British officials. The King comes to know Lakshmi Bhai's other facet as Kranti Guru. He manages to convince the British officials to spare Kranti Guru, that is, his wife by handing over one of her associates. Lakshmi Bhai fights against the British official and wins back her associate. King gets aggravated and expels Lakshmi Bhai. What happens to the struggle of Lakshmi Bhai against the British officials is what forms the rest of the patriotic story.

Jitendra Srivastava donned the director role for the serial and it was written by a combination of writers including MalavikaAsthana, Dutta Bedi, Mairaj Zaidi and Rajesh Saksham. Ulka Gupta played the role of Jhansi Rani.