Tamil Tv Serial Azhagiya Laila

Azhagiya Laila Tamil TV SERIALS on RAJ TV

‘Azhagiya Laila' belongs to Love genre (Romantic Category) wherein the viewers will enjoy the love story and chemistry between the actor and actress. This serial is telecast on Raj TV and appears heading for success on popularity charts especially among couples. Catch this serial at 9.30 Pm on Raj TV from Monday to Friday. The serial mainly focus on the love story between a girl Parvati and a boy Rudra. Wherein Rudra denies the relationship because Rudra was in the army as an officer who doesn't believe in love and emotion, But Parvati Strongly believes in love and all thing.

The story revolves around Parvati and Rudra how love happened between them as both have the different belief in love and emotional feeling, yet they are into the relationship by unknown force. Love Story between two is aggressive and makes the storyline of this serial. The serial starts from the very beginning when Rudra and Parvati both seen as a kid. The role of Parvati (Paro) is By Sanaya Irani, the role of Rudra is by handsome chunk, Ashish Sharma. The entire serial is Shooted in Rajasthan, India.

The location like Bikaner, Jaisalmer and old forts of Rajasthan. The cast and crew of serial are Sanaya Irani, Ashish Sharma, Ankita Sharma, Vishal Gandhi, Neha Narang and Vishal Karwal. ‘Azhagiya Laila' is directed by Gautam Hedge and Produced by Sidharth Sengupta and Written by Shivani Shah, Saurabh Tewari, Rahil Qazi. The dialogues written are heart touching which makes the story more interesting. Even actors and actress perform well in acting by all especially by gorgeous Sanaya Irani and Handsome hunk Ashish Sharma. Overall the show is good for couples or family.  

Sanaya Irani as Parvati (Paro) Sanaya Irani looks beautiful and cute in real life. The Perfect for the role of Parvati (Paro) in Azhagiya Laila. She plays the role of Parvati, lead role in Azhagiya Laila with Ashish Sharma. Ashish Sharma as Rudra, an Army Officer. Parvati belongs to a village and has full faith in love, emotions, Relationship. Later she wants to be in the relationship with Rudra, Just like love at first sight. Rudra From city and he is the army officer, so don't believe in love, Emotions, Relationship. So he denies the relation with Parvati. The Climax of serial makes them in the relationship and how they treat each other is important. So watch Azhagiya Laila on Raj TV at 9:30 From Monday to Friday.