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Hindi Movie Actor Kali Prasad Mukherjee
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Kali Prasad Mukherjee is one of the experienced people who became famous for his negative roles may it be in the TV Serials or the Movies in which he either played a cameo role or played a negative role as a supporting actor. He has attempted parts in different Indian Drama Serials and is also known for his roles in ‘A Wednesday (2008),’ Agyaat (2009) and Angel (2011).In A Wednesday, he played the role of a terrorist with Rohitash Gaud Popularly known by his character name, Mukundilal >> Read More... , Mukesh Bhatt Mukesh Bhatt is an Indian film producer who was bo >> Read More... , and Vijay Bhatia.

He mentioned in an interview 'I like negative roles because those roles are more demanding. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and practice to make people believe in your character. You have to bring life to the character. It’s arduous particularly when the character you are portraying has stark contrast from your daily habits.'

He also mentioned his love for TV Serials, considering nothing is fixed in TV Serials and each episode is a challenge in itself. Kali Prasad has also worked with Kingmaker of TV industry Ekta Kapoor Production House in Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai, in which he played a role of Politician Bachan Singh who creates Drama and Problems for the couple in the leading role. Kali has also played supporting roles in movies like Seher, an Ashwin Patel Production in 2005 in which he played a gang killer who supports lead negative character in the movie. He was also seen doing cameo roles in Laagi tujhse Lagan where his character mostly negative showed sympathy towards the lead actor when in trouble.

In Agyaat 2009 he played a role of crew member shaky who with his team goes to a jungle to shoot a movie’s terror scene showing that they are afraid of whatever is chasing them.In Guild Awards, he was nominated once for the category of Best Actor in Negative Roles.


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