This happy go lucky tall Gujarati actor is known for his charming laughter and a cute dimpled smile. Born on the 7th of November, Vishal Gandhi, an only child, graduated from National College in Ahmedabad. He worked in the aviation industry for five years prior to acting. He gained popularity through the series 'Aaahat', a horror drama in which he played the role of Raghav. 

There is certainly no role that Vishal hasn’t tried his hand at. Whether its a servant and a business tycoon in Bandhan, or college student Aniket Majumdar in Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani Bio coming soon >> Read More... Ek Kahani , he’s tried it all. As a child actor, he had a cameo in Ekka Raja Rani and later did advertisements and undertook modeling assignments regularly.

However acting was never on the charts. He aspires to be Bollywood actor, but loves the experiences and training he’s received from acting in TV series. "I look forward to doing films. But it's good to be with television before getting into movies as you get your chances to learn from your mistakes. Movies, on the other hand are one time opportunity. If you click you're there else, you never know" , he said in a recent interview. Reality shows seem like an exciting venture to him, and he hasn't eliminated the possibility of experimenting with them either. 

He enjoys dancing and watching stand-up comedy, and would like to give them a try as well. 

In his younger days, Vishal was a state level volleyball player, and continues practicing to this day. He also loves his Playstation, and spends quality time with it when free. Vishal Gandhi is married to a cabin crew who works for Kingfisher Airlines.