Tamil Tv Serial Andal Azhagar

Andal Azhagar Tamil tv-serials on VIJAY TV

Andal Azhagar is a Tamil soap opera which used to be telecasted on Star Vijay for two years. It has two seasons which were broadcasted over 416 years. Francis Kathiravan is the writer and director of the family drama. K. J. Ganesh is the producer of the serial. Rishikesh, Kalyani, Ramya, Stalin, Karthik Sasidharan, Chandran, Preethi, Jacqueline, Anu, Gemini Mani and Raju, are the actors in the family melodrama.

The story revolves among the enmity between two families. Vadivu was the collector's sister. She fell in love with a poor person, Murugesan. Knowing that her family will not allow her to marry him, she ran away from her home and married Murugesan. Both their parents were unhappy with this decision, and they eventually died after they couldn't handle the grief. This was the beginning of the brutal cold war between the two families.

Now, Azhar has grown up and he is in love with Andal. Despite the waging war between the two families, Azhar is good friends with Andal’s brother Sakthi. Sakthi has long admired Azhar’s sister, Revathi. Azhar first sees Andal and immediately tries to impress her. Soon even Andal started to fall for Azhar.

Their romance is still in the budding stage, and somehow Vadivu comes to know about it. She advises them to break this relationship as soon as possible. Sakthi comes to know about his sister and friend, and he plots to kill him. After Andal promises to make things come to an end, Sakthi believes her and forgives the two of them. Andal’s parents decide to get her married. Even Revathi is engaged to a man from her village called Dinesh. Sakthi is also engaged to some other girl.

Azhar tries to warn Andal that the boy she is marrying is not a good man. At first she doesn't believe him but later on the day of the wedding, she realizes that Azhar is telling the truth. She informs Sakthi about it, and wants him to cancel the wedding. Sakthi refuses to believe her claims and tells her to marry this man. After exhausting all her options she calls Azhar for help. They both elope together and marry each other.

Sakthi gets to know about it, and out of anger he decides to kidnap Revathi. He marries her as a lesson to teach his sister. Both of them soon settle into each other's family. Andal is being tortured by Vadivu. Meanwhile, Sakthi is trying hard to impress Revathi.