Tamil Tv Serial Aaha

Ahaa Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Aaha, the mega serial was telecasted in Star Vijay, with famous big screen actresses, Banupriya and Seema with Vijaybabu, Benito, Ramana Moorthi, Delhi Ganesh, Jayarekha, Ilavarasan, Kavithalaya Krishnan, Kadhadi Ramoorthi ,Vani sree, Bhavani,Raja, Bharath Kalyan, Balaji in the lead for the title song written by Pa.Vijay The song was a pleasant melody, with rhythmic and nerve soothing lyrics.The serial was produced by SLB Media, with the direction, story, and screenplay by Suresh Krishna.

Most parts of the serial were shot in Dubai, with local actors as supporting artistes. Aaha was a healthy peep into the household of a joint family in Kumbakonam. Banupriya played the role of the sister in law, Seema as a grandmother. Banupriya, by her talented portraying of the character, made the viewer long for a sister in law or daughter in law like Banupriya, in their homes. Raman Moorthi, who played the role of the grandfather, was the brother of Sankarabaranam movie fame, Somayajulu. The serial did not have any of the negative attributes like unnecessary protractions of the episodes or melodrama. It was as crisply as would a film, by Suresh Krishna. Aaha was not rounded off in a suspenseful note, just for the sake of it.

The story revolved around Parasuram family in the Agraharam. Banupriya, the daughter in law of the family ,named Rajeswari, but called fondly as Raji amma, had given birth to boy, prior to her marriage. But was told that the baby was still born. She was persuaded to marry another man, and she enters Parasuraman family as a daughter in law. She was not able to give birth to a baby even after twenty years of marriage. Her son, Harsha, was adopted by a family living in Dubai. Did Raj knew that Harsha was her son? Or did Harsha knew, Raji was his real mother? Meanwhile, a daughter of Parasuraman, married a white man, against his wish and was disowned for the same. The story was about the happenings and turn of events of this family, and it was a family entertainer, and the serial was one more feather in director Suresh Krishna’ cap.

Another version of this series

The director of this show is very famous film director Suresh Krishna, who has done 51 films before the serial launch. This show was shown in Vijay television in Tamil. The director told that the serial was not a sequel with a smile during the interview. The leading roles are the famous Tamil Actress Banupriya and Senior Actor Delhi Ganesh. The dialogues of the serial were written by famous Crazy Mohan, which makes them more effective. The show starts with a culturally based family. Aahaa is about the joint family which is living in Kumbakonam. Banu Priya is acting as the favorite Sister-in- law as well as a grandma every one needs to see. The hero of the show, Benito will be in home for most of the time and he is named as Harsha in the serial.

This serial is totally about Harsha who is a young man, who was from abroad and loves to be in Chennai with this large joint family. The leading role Banupriya is named as Raji amma in this serial, who gave birth to a baby before her marriage itself. But later on, as their family forced her to marry another guy, she was married and living a life in Agrahaaram. After her marriage, she is not having any Childs for 20 plus years. Their family friend Parasuram Iyer have one daughter who married against his wish to a white man, and so he adopted Harsha and where living in Dubai. Harsha will always tell the happenings in the house to Parasuram’s Daughter. The serial goes on this stage that whether Raji will find her original son and Parasuram to accept his daughter. This story was planned to be taken as a film, but the director agreed to make it as a serial as per the TV approaches.