J V Ramanamurthy

Other names of J V Ramanamurthy: J.V. Ramana Murthi, Ramana Murthy J.V, Apara Girisam
J V Ramanamurthy Telugu Actor
The veteran actor was born on 20 may 1933 in Vijayanagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. His complete name was Jonnalagadda Venkata Ramana Murthi. He started acting during the era of black and white films itself.
His brother J.V somayajulu was an IAS officer and also an actor.
He was very fond of acting in stage plays during days of his school. During school age itself he was awarded the best performance award for his acting in the play "Vishwa Shanti" composed by Athreya in Interuniversity Competition.
He started playing roles in plays in the year of 1946 and he entered into movies in the year 1957.He has a 68 year vast experience in the acting field. Ramana Murthy J.V acted in many family plays such as "N.G.O.", "Evaru Donga", "Kappalu", "Naatakam", "KeerthiSeshulu", "Kaala Ratri", "Phani" and "Katamaraju Kadha" and he toured all over  the state displaying his plays. All the plays mentioned above are some vernacular plays telling about the situation of society at that time. He got fame all over for his famous role of Gireesham in the play ‘Kanyasulakam’ which was written by most famous Telugu writer Gurajada Appa Rao. He played the same character for more than 500 times. He received very high numerous felicitations across all over the state of Andhra Pradesh for his contribution to the field of plays called as ‘natakalu’ in Telugu.
His first movie in the Telugu film history wan a socio-political drama named M.L.A. Later on he acted in more than 100 films.
Recently, veteran actor Ramana Murthy entered into a different domain, he produced a short film based on his own life experiences. The short film was titled “Inti Kanna Gudi Padilam”. It has been to a contest running as a part of ‘Save Temples First International Short Film Festival’.
Another Version

J.V. Ramana Murthi is an Indian actor who works mainly in South Indian film industry. He was born on 20 May 1933 in Vizianagaram district. J.V. Ramana is younger brother of the famous Indian film actor Jonnalagadda Venkata Somayajulu, who worked in Tollywood film industry. His brother J.V. Somayahulu passed away on Tuesday, 24 April 2004 in a city hospital at the age of 76.During his school days, J.V. Ramana uses to participate in school plays. He has acted in numerous school plays such as NGO, Kappalu, Natakam, Evaru Donga, Phani, Keerthi Seshulu and Katamraju Katha. J.V. has won an award for best performance in Interuniversity Competition for a drama called Vishwa Shanti of Athreya.

 In 1957, he was cast in a Telugu movie MLA directed by K.B.Tilak. Apart from all this J.V Ramana has also directed and appeared in many performances. He has done some movies like Manchi Manasuku Manchi Rojulu in 1958  , Bavan Maradallu in 1961, Siri Siri Muvva and Dongala Dopidi in 1978, Illu Illualu Pillalu in 1988, Edu Kondalaswamy and Karthavyam in 1991, Maayajaalam in 2006, Shankar Dada Zindabad in 2007 and many others. J.V. Ramana Murthi has done approximately 150 movies.

He is renowned for his performance in Kanyasulkam as Gireesham of Gurajada Appa Rao.