Malayalam Tv Show Super Dancer Junior 2

Amritha Tv Super Dancer Malayalam Tv shows on Amrita tv
Amritha TV Super Dancer is a reality show to identify and recognize the best youth dancer. This highly popular show was launched by Amritha television channel in 2008. The second season of super dancer concluded in 2010. This how has been a pacesetter for the dance shows in the Malayalam media.
The program was divided into many segments which assessed the participants’ ability to sway to different themes , ideas and styles. The show featured various dance forms like classical, folk, fusion, cinematic, thematic, traditional, modern and western dance styles. The dancers had to go through several grilling and elimination rounds and several talented dancers had to make their tearful exits from the show. The participants were well supported by trained group dancers and individual choreographers. In fact , this show was a launching platform for many budding choreographers as well.
The contestants were in the age group on 16 yrs to 30 years, selected after rigorous screening and interview sessions. The show attracted Keralites from all over the world and auditions were conducted in multiple centers over several days to finalize the team. The audition sessions were also aired in the channel before the actual competition. 
Amritha TV Super Dancer Season 1 had Shamna Kasim, Anjali, Prashanth and Anish Rahman as the finalists. Shamna Kasim later went on to become a successful movie star. The sequel which was equally thrilling was won by Midhun, beating Dilshah, Gayathri and Sreejith . The finals were star studded grand episodes watched over by millions all over the world. The jury panel included celebrity choreographers like Kala master & Prasanna master, along with the movie stars as guest judges.