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 Puzha Malayalam TV SHOWS on MediaOne TV

Telecasted on Media one TV in Malayalam, the makers of TV show Puzha have taken a step ahead to safeguard the famous Nila River existing in Kerala. The host, singer Afsal, presents a musical travelogue through Bharatha Puzha (Nila River). Directed by Saj Kurian, Puzha has been educating the audiences about the importance of rivers and how can they be protected from going extinct. The program begins by showing Afsal at Nila River. River Nila, also known as Bharathappuzha has a length of 209 km and holds the second position amongst the list of longest rivers in Kerala.

The river has a lot of significance for irrigation projects, vegetation, and cultural importance. Some of the well-known Hindu temples like ThirunavayaNavamukunda Temple, Ayyappa Temple, Thiruvilwamala Temple and Panniyur Sree Varahamurthy Temple, lies on the bank of Nila. According to legends, those cremated on the banks of River Nila achieve salvation. The banks of the river are said to be auspicious and often used to offer prayers and pay homage to the departed souls. Afsal takes us on his journey to explore the unseen parts of the river and narrates the story associated with it. The show enjoys a high TRP as Afsal relates his musical journey to his childhood days. As children, the rivers have always played a significant part in our lives.

Other than its regular uses, children love to swim, fish, bathe, wash and drink water from these natural sources of water. Rivers have been an excellent source of transportation since time immemorial. In times of war, the rivers were used extensively to transport weapons and soldiers. They are known to play an important role in farming and drainage. This natural source of water carries nutrients to places and acts as a drainage channel for surface water. The host further narrates the various challenges faced by the government and environmentalists to safeguard the rivers in India. In the past, River Nila has seen its degradation.

People have made the water dirty and unfit for use. A few years ago, due to sand mining, the thick sand bed of the river has vanished and one can see grasses and bushes on it. Today, most parts of the river are dry and without a particle of sand. The presence of bushes and tall grass has made the river change its course due to obstruction. According to experts, the river might lose its existence in few years from now. In the end, the host pointed out the presence of active groups like Bharathappuzha Samrakhshana Samithi, who are doing their bit by taking all the necessary steps to safeguard the rivers from extinction.