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Malayalam Tv Show Nadodikattu

Nadodikattu Malayalam TV SHOWS on Flowers TV

Flowers tv channel is a twenty-four-hour entertainment tv channel transforming Malayalam Tv with its offerings of superb serials and shows. One amongst them is Nadodikattu, a comedy show broadcast on this channel. In a more descriptive sense, it is a comedy show which closely resembles the concept of a talk show. People are a big fan of this show. This show involves various artists playing different characters, which all have just one purpose-To make us laugh out loud.

This show is so funny that one cannot stop laughing after just a minute of viewing this show. In this show, the host is sitting on the couch waiting for his guests and random artist playing different funny characters keep on coming to irritate him like the cameraman asking stupid stuff from him. Random scenes are enacted in which the main focus is to sabotage the event taking place at that time by doing funny things. This show also has some musical touch. Guests invited are artists who can make people laugh. Actually, this show is a pro at making other people laugh. The artists of this show create serious situations like auditions and ruin them to make it look funny.

In today’s serious world when people feel victimized by the smallest of things, this show would teach them to take themselves lightheartedly. Life is too short. So do not spend a single day without laughing or making some other people laugh. This is a full-on family entertainment show. Laughter is the best medicine and that's the motive of this show.