Malayalam Tv Show Aswamedham Season 1

Ashwamedham Malayalam Tv serials on Kairali tv

Aswamedham is a quiz based reality show which got aired on the Kairali TV channel. It is a Malayalam language show which got based on the highly addictive and popular game of twenty questions played by people all over the world. The anchor of this beloved show was the Grandmaster G.S. Pradeep. The first season of the show even went on to make an official entry into the Limca Book of Records after successfully completing the milestone of five hundred episodes. Following the success it enjoyed the first time around, the series got renewed for a second season as well. It started airing in the month of November 2005, once again on the Kairali TV channel.

The rules of the contest are quite light and thus intriguing. The contestants got asked to think of anyone prominent personality belonging to any part of the world. This person could be dead or alive. Pradeep would then go on to guess the name of that celebrity by asking the contestant a series of twenty-one questions which they would have to answer. The anchor became an overnight personality in households through his stint on the show. Guessing the names of the celebrities and the knowledge tidbits shared throughout the series along with the witty line of questioning to ascertain clues, made him a well-known and beloved character in the minds of the audience as well as a respected personality in the world of television. The show retains its popularity even many years later. The show made a return once more in the year 2014 following public demand. Prizes got awarded to the contestants based on how many questions got used by Pradeep to outfox the participant. The prizes got bigger if Pradeep failed to guess the celebrity thought of by the contestants. Some of the episodes featured guests from the Malayalam film and television industry coming into play as well.

G.S. Pradeep is a highly skilled orator and is well-known throughout Kerala for his stupendous analytical as well as intellectual skills. His knowledge of events throughout history as well as contemporary world affairs is astounding, to say the least. Following his stint on Aswamedham, he began to get referred to by the title of ‘Reverse Quiz Master’. The show got so popular in fact that it prompted a remake to crop up on the popular channel Vijay TV. This version of the program got titled Grandmaster and got launched in the month of June 2006. It had Pradeep returning to his regular role and roped in Shilpa Kavalam in the shoes of the anchor.

Another version of this serial...

Ashwamedham was hosted by Grandmaster G. S. Pradeep who has entered the Limca book of Records. This is a reverse quiz program telecasted in Kairali Television. This program was a great show as the Brilliance and Knowledge level of G. S. Pradeep was understood by this show. The format was very simple for the people who participate. The participant would select a name of great people from any of the profession given by the jury. The name won’t be disclosed to any one especially to the host of this program. G.S. Pradeep will ask 20 questions to the participant. They will answer the questions about the unknown person. The host will find the person’s name within 20 questions or on the 20th question. If he is not able to find the unknown person’s name then the participant will win the game. The episode went for 500 as this was one of the best programs in Kairali TV which went for more than 500 episodes. He became famous in the Malayalam Television industry and also was appreciated by many people all over the world for this unique talent. He also then entered the Malayali House which happened this year. But did not win the show but won many hearts by his good behavior in the show. He is really a talent who has the knowledge of people all over the world. This episode was telecasted in Kairali Television in the year 2004. Vijay Television aired the Tamil version of this show in the year 2006.The Tamil version was named Grandmaster which also ran for many episodes. He was given the title Grandmaster for the undoubted talent shown by him through this program.