Malayalam Tv Serial Seetha

Seetha Malayalam TV SERIALS on Flowers TV

Seetha is a family serial that deals with the life of a middle-class family girl Seetha. This serial is aired on 20 February 2017 and continued till 16 August 2019. It is a daily serial launched on flower TV.

Seetha serial story was written by Dhanus, directed by Girish Konni and produced by Dinu.K.Punnoose, by BEE GEE communications production company. Swasika plays the lead roles as Seetha and Shanu as Indran. This serial brought a huge fan following for this on-screen couple.

Coming to the story, Seetha is the only one to look after her family of her old parents, sisters, and brother. Indran is Seetha's father's sister's son. Indran loved her and wanted to marry her. But the twist is that Seetha falls for Sree Raman, and they decided to get married after getting their parents' permission. Meanwhile, loan shark Prathapan became an enemy for Seetha. He started a friendship with Indran, who don't like Seetha marrying Raman. So both of them create problems for Seetha, even though Seetha and Raman marry. But the troubles from Indran and Prathapan didn't stop. This creates misunderstandings between Seetha and Raman.

Indran decided to marry another girl because he knew Seetha will never become his wife anymore, and he wants to show Seetha that he has a happy life. At that time, he started falling for Janaki, and she also starts loving Indran. But the loan shark Prathapan didn't leave Seetha, and he plans to take revenge on Seetha. He locked Seetha and Indran in a hotel room without their knowledge and calls the press and make them arrested, knowing this Raman and Janaki got shocked. After this incident, Seetha got depressed and attempted suicide, but luckily Indran saves her and takes her to hospital, The news reached Raman, and he rushes to the hospital in no time and tells Seetha that he love her so much. Seeing all this, Indran developed respect towards Seetha, and he decided to give up his revenge plan. But Janaki doesn't believe him, and she breaks the engagement and left him. So he started drinking, but Seetha stops him from taking alcohol. When all things are going on track, Raman finds out that he had an incurable brain tumor. He doesn't want to tell this painful news to Seetha, so he asks her divorce and goes to an ashram for his treatment.

Indran, who changed into a right person, wants to marry Seetha and so Seetha's family members convinced her to give him a second chance. Later Raman came back, but knowing the truth, he attempted suicide, but his nurse saved him. Seetha cleared that she will never live with him again and advised him to think about his future and move on.

Finally, Seetha and Indran got married and for the first time in Malayalam industry serial was live telecasted on their marriage episode.

Another Version Of This Series:

Seetha is an Indian TV series in Malayalam. It was launched on Flowers TV. The series is a balanced treatment of drama and romance. The serial is one of the top-rated serials in the Malayalam Television Industry. The lead actors have also earned a large fan base because of their on-screen chemistry. The plot of the story starts with two lovers, Seetha and Sreeraman. They fell for each other in their college times and decided to marry with their parents’ consent. At the same time, Indran is also obsessed with his love for Seetha.

Indran befriends with the enemies of Seetha and Sreeraman so that to create problems in Seetha’s married life. Consequently, the evil heads make a plan whereby they put Seetha and Indran in a room and inform the press about this. The news comes out to deteriorate Seetha’s married life, and she decides to commit suicide. Indran becomes her savior and in return, Seetha helps him to stop drinking. Later on, the plot takes a turn where Seetha is divorced by her husband as he suffers from an incurable brain tumor. This gives Indran a ray of hope, and he decides to propose Seetha for marriage, to which she gives the nod as her family persuades her.

Indran and Seetha tie their knot in a grand ceremony. Meanwhile, the evil heads are conspiring some revenge. But they couldn’t succeed, and everything ends well. The storyline keeps you connected to the story all through. Even watching some emotional scenes would give you goosebumps. Everything seems to be on point, be it the acting, music, or visual effects. The show, in all, is a visual treat for the audience. The turns and twists in the plot make the series more interesting and will bring you to your couch on the correct time to watch our Seetha fighting the difficulties.