Malayalam Tv Serial Kathayariyathey

Kathayariyathey Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv

It is one of the famous TV shows on the Malayalam television. The success of the show gained a lot of TRPs to the industry. The show runs every Monday to Thursday and thus entertains the audience. The story of the serial revolved around the theme of one act play. It showed the miserable condition of a family. It stands to depict the poor condition and the way of living of this family. They are trying to face and tackle with the hardships of life. It shows how they used to manage their small earnings in such a way that they could live their life properly. There are many disabled persons in the family too.

Thus it shows that how a poor family deals with this these problems, i.e. how much the medicines cost these days and how a poor family faces these problems. Thus the pathetic employment conditions and the living status of a family is been shown. The way they used to deal with all their problems and miseries was the backbone of the plot. It is shown that as they were so poor, therefore they could not afford even a black and white television for themselves thus they used to get to know about the recent news by reading the newspapers. Thus with a different script which mainly focuses on the harsh conditions which are faced by a middle-class family. Thus with a unique and heart- rendering story the plot touched the hearts of many people.

The dialogues spoken by the characters are so forceful that they sometimes make the audience think and also enjoy the show. Even the costumes of the characters matched with the scene and the theme along with their feelings. There are various humorous scenes added in the story thus it held the spirits of the viewers and made them laugh out of their seats. Thus the dialogues well- written and the acting done by the stars was up to the mark i.e. their tried showing each and every emotion and feeling which was required at the point of time in the story.

Therefore it is considered to be one of the famous shows of its time on the channel and has also helped in earning more reputation to the network along with many high TRPs. It became the most liked show of the people in its earlier stage only, and thus viewers loved watching it.