Shiju M. Bhaskar is one of the most promising cinematographers. He was born in Kerala, India. Shiju M. Bhaskar has worked in the entertainment industry since 2018 and his artwork has been released in the Malayalam language. Shiju M Bhaskar made his debut with Suvarna Purushan, which was released in the year 2018. He is also known for two short films that were released in 2019 called Athidhi and The Cloud Nine (Nakam). Shiju M. Bhaskar currently has two large projects in his bag, namely, a film that is to be released in August of 2022 called Santa Maria and a short film called Indira.

Shiju M Bhaskar has won the Cine Best Cinematographer at the OBM International Film Festival for a Covid-based short film and the Best Cinematographer Award at the Malayalam Short Film Contest in the year 2020. Shiju M. Bhaskar runs a YouTube channel where he publishes his work in the advertising industry, behind the scenes of films and short films, and teaches photography skills.