Malayalam Tv Serial Indira

Indira Malayalam Tv serials on Mazhavil manorama tv
A serial that depicts the search of a grandfather for his long lost granddaughter Indira – that forms the central theme of the serial Indira. The serial in the turn of events shows the fight of good over the evil. A very rich man with men around him waiting to take over his wealth, which includes his own grandson, is the central theme of the serial. The grandfather’s search for the granddaughter ends in another Indira in a turn of events. The grandfather ultimately finds his true granddaughter – a woman whom he treated as his servant maid. The serial had all the usual serial elements – the classic in-law feud, the disguised characters, the ironical elements with the unknown secrets, extra marital relationships and the like. However, the serial was often criticised for its frequent change of characters and the abrupt closure with every problem being solved on one fine day. Despite this fact, the serial owes much to the character portrayed by Sujitha, the lead actress, which was one of character, determination and straight forwardness as against the typical suffering faces of the Indian actresses. This was in fact, the central theme and differentiator of the serial - the strong face of women.