Malayalam Tv Serial City Girls

City Girls Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

CITY GIRLS is a reality TV show in which ten girls from the city contest to win the title of “WONDER GIRL”. The show has ten female contestants in the beginning who are put through their paces by different adventurous tasks to select the winner. Every contestant has to perform the task put forth to them and complete them successfully to earn points. Each task is designed in thrilling and adventurous ways in order to wear out the contestant at the same time bringing out the best in them. Some of the tasks include rock climbing, treasure hunt, wrestling in mud etc. The show also provides the girls with group tasks thus providing fodder for lot of drama. The show not only covers the contestants participating in tasks but also the life after the task is completed.

The show is mainly driven by friendship, fights and drama among the contestants. Lot of misunderstandings is driven by the format which the show is shot and the confrontation by contestants among each other makes for interesting viewing. The show is mainly aimed at attracting the youth thus treading lightly on the glamour path. The show is hosted by Aneesh ravi who often takes an active part in issues among girls and tries to resolve the issue amicably, though sometime becoming a catalyst for it. Contestants are eliminated at various stages based on the points they have earned and four finalists are selected. The girl with highest point tally is declared the winner and given the title “WONDER GIRL”. The show is based on MTV hit show ROADIES. ASIANET TV aired 2 seasons of the CITY GIRLS every Monday to Friday at 10 pm.