Kannada Tv Show Shastriya Sangeeta

Shastriya Sangeeta Kannada tv-shows on DD CHANDANA

Music flows in the air effortlessly, like shimmering water in a stream; the sound reaching the soul of every person in the room. Some react to the beat, others continue to chatter, but it never fails to impact them in some manner. A lively tempo can lift the spirits or make them to dance, while a slow beat can relax the mood. There are moments where we feel over burdened and when we listen to good music we feel re-energized and at peace.

These are the times where we should cherish the soothing tones and let our mind relax and DD Chandana gives us the perfect opportunity to do so by bringing Shastriya Sangeeta. It is a popular Kannada musical program that was telecast every weekday between 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. A talk show based Carnatic music to soothe your soul might be just what you need to start your day.