Kannada Tv Serial Saraswathi

Saraswathi Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

The word Saraswathi or the name Saraswati is a very important word in India. It is the name of the Indian Goddess of knowledge, music, wisdom, arts and nature. She is much revered all over India.Saraswathi, the Kannada serial is a different story altogether. It is a serial which has been broadcasted on ETV Kannada for the past two years. It still has the status of ongoing.

It is the sad tale of relations between a woman and her family. It is the story of a woman who is the head of the household, she has a very intimidating personality and she threatens anyone who goes against her wishes. As she had three sons and a daughter, she went to the extent of giving all the children her own name, instead of her husband’s name, just to emphasize her superiority. Her dominant control over all the children is very unhealthy and eventually when they get married, it extends to their spouses as well. She deals with her daughter-in-laws the same way she dealt with her children. All her family members are under her thumb and they act like they have no free will. She is a person whose personality is not just contrary but, the exact opposite of her name. She is powerful, greedy, inconsiderate, controlling, insecure, greedy and hungry for more all the time. The family is shown to be very powerful with very strong political connections.

The story is also about another young girl with aspirations. She meets this young boy, who makes her fall in love with him. She is a young woman with love and marital bliss in her eyes. The man is an Indian army man from a very rich family with high levels of political connections. Sadly, the man of her dreams dies within the first week of their marriage. The girl is devastated and left to live in a household with a very dominating Mother-in-law and her constant tussles in the house are what form the basis of the story.