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Kannada Tv Serial Super Jodi Season 1-Kannada

Suvarana Super Jodi Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Suvarna Super Jodi is a new addition to the long list of highly successful reality shows by Suvarna TV. The whole concept of a reality TV show is to give you something new to watch, instead of the same old TV dramas. Super Jodi is a unique concept even amongst reality TV shows.

The concept of the reality TV show is that they get various couples on the show. The couples then proceed to proceed to perform various tasks. The couples are generally like minded. They are picked from various TV shows so they have experience working as a couple on TV, before they compete on the show Suvarana Super Jodi. The best couple is judged on not only their activities but, also based on their bond with each other.

The challenges are designed to eliminate the couples. They are meant to test the couples, their strengths, their weaknesses and most importantly their bonds with each other.

The whole concept is of collaboration. The audience can save their favorite couples by voting for them. The audience can enjoy their favorite couples, watching them play their roles on their favorite TV drama soaps and then the audience can tune in and watch Suvarna Super Jodi and watch the same couples play games as the same fictional characters on this show. The idea is very innovative as, the audience gets to watch various fictional characters, from different serials, intermingle with each other on the same show.

This game show platform has been entertaining audiences for a long time now. The second season is currently awaited and the audience is already ready to watch it. The Facebook page and the various other online forums are filled with such comments from the various fans. The show has had constantly high TRP ratings and what the stars wear on the show are much talked about hot topics on various Kannada sites. The show is a family show thus engaging the whole family and making sure they spend some quality time together.



Sushma K Rao Kannada TV-Actress
DOB: 23 February 1985
Sushma K Rao
Jyothi Rai Kannada TV-Actress
DOB: 23 February 1985
Jyothi Rai
Disha Kannada TV-Actress